Therapist Logos : A Go To Guide

When Carol, a licensed couples therapist, started creating her website, she wondered whether she needed a counseling logo to make her website look professional. Many large websites she had looked at in the past seemed to have a logo, so shouldn’t she have one too? You, too, may be wondering, “Do I really need to brand my therapy website?

Lucky for Carol, logos for therapists are entirely optional. While a therapist logo can be a great addition to the design and branding of her therapy website, she doesn’t need one. In fact, counseling logos have not been shown to add any measurable benefits.

Through my experience, I have found that logos are a personal preference — some people want them and some people don’t. If you do want to add a therapy logo to your website, I have put together some options/guidelines you can follow to get one.

Where to Purchase Logos for Therapists

Front Page Image of GraphicRiver website for therapy logos ideas
GraphicRiver is our number one recommendation for therapists looking for a therapy logo, especially for those who don’t really know what they want. We like to call it our little “logo trick.” GraphicRiver has a wide variety of designs (logos that have already been made) that are available for purchase.

Once you purchase a logo template on GraphicRiver, you can refurbish it to make it your own — change colors, add your practice name and tagline, etc. With over 31,000 logo design templates to choose from, you’re sure to find something that represents you and your private practice.
How it Works: Once you find a logo template you like, we recommend hiring a designer from to customize it. Designers at Fiverr are only about $5 a pop, so making changes shouldn’t cost much more than a coffee at Starbucks
Why we like GraphicRiver: I have found most therapists don’t know what design they want for their private practice logos. It makes the process easier when you can compare other ideas about logos for counseling. We highly recommend GraphicRiver which allows you to do just that. It is only $29 per design (plus the $5 at Fiverr). You’re looking at a small investment for a great marketing tool!
Fiverr Logo Image
Fiverr is a website that offers everything from graphic design work to video creation to writing, and more. While you can use them in addition to GraphicRiver, as I mentioned above, you can also utilize the designers at Fiverr for a therapy logo creation.
How it Works: Look under logo design on Fiverr and sort by highest rating (five stars) to lowest rating designers. You can look at the designer’s other work to get a feel for his or her style and the quality. Once you find a designer you like and place an order, be sure to communicate with the designer.

Tell the designer what you want the counseling logo to say, share any ideas you may have (links to examples you like), suggest colors, create a tagline, etc. The more detail, the better!
Fiverr Pros: Designs start at 5 dollars and can vary depending on the designer, detail needed and time used to create your therapist logo.
Fiverr Cons: You are taking on more risk in terms of quality, unless you have a design idea to give the designers to work with. Another downside is there tends to be quite a bit of back and forth required between you and the designer — especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.
99 Designs Logo for Therapy Logos Post
99 Designs is the Cadillac of logo creation providers. I have used 99 Designs in the past, and it’s a great service. But, it can be a pricey service too. I recommend ordering the bronze package (the lowest cost option). With the bronze, you should receive 30 designs to choose from.
How it Works: With 99 Designs, you post your “contest” and a bunch of different designers compete to “win.” They ask you to give as much detail as possible. You should get at least 10 different designers, each submitting three logos. Therefore giving you 30 different designs from multiple designers.
99 Designs Pros: You aren’t locked into one person’s style or idea for your counseling logo. Instead, you have multiple designers competing to win your business.
99 Designs Tips: It’s important for you to overview submissions and forward feedback to the designers every day. You must be very involved in the process (by saying, for example, “Hey you are on the right track, but make this part a little bigger or change the font,” etc.).

If you don’t communicate with the designers, they assume you aren’t actively involved and they will drop out of your contest. Another tip — look at other logo design contests going on to get a better idea of what you want.

Design Your Own Therapist Logo

Canva Logo to create counseling logo
You can also design your own logo using a platform such as Canva. They have hundreds of free images, templates and designs you can use. You can also upgrade your account and pay for more premium design aspects if you’d like.
How to Use Canva: Canva is a very simple tool to use for beginners if you’ve never had experience with it before. Start by picking out either a preset size such as ‘logo’ or you can create your own custom
Different types of formats you can pick at Canva for therapist logo
The Design Process: Now comes the fun part. After picking out your therapy logo dimensions, you can play around with your design. Think about what you believe represents you best and what aspects you want in your therapist logo.

Do you want a simple graphic or something more involved, something more geometrically shaped or organically shaped, bright versus cool colors, fun versus professional font, etc. Canva provides all kinds of templates to choose from or you can make your own from scratch.
Save it as a JPG: Once you feel you are finished with your therapist logo, make sure to save it as a JPG. Canva automatically saves all finished images as a PNG.

JPG will allow you to have more flexibility with editing or resizing your logo later if needed. You can also go back into your account later if you want to change something simple such as the font, color or graphic.

How Much Does a Logo Cost?

Depending on where you purchase your therapy logo, the cost will vary. With 99 designs, our priciest recommendation, a logo is going to cost you $299 and up.

If you find a design you like on GraphicRiver, you will spend about $29 for the design itself, then anywhere from $5 to $20 (possibly more, depending on your requested changes) working with a designer at Fiverr.

Working with the designers at Fiverr alone can cost anywhere from $5 and up. Remember, the more details and direction you have for your design, the cheaper it will be.

Therapy Logo Tips

Blackboard with idea bubble to represent ideas for therapist and counseling logo ideation
Consider these questions asked on 99 Designs. They provide great things to think about when creating a therapist logo.

Logo Placement

Therapist logo and counseling logo ideation
Typically, a logo is placed in the top left or the top right of your website. As I mentioned before, make sure your counseling logo is not too deep vertically. Remember, you have one second to grab the attention of website visitors. You want to be sure they can see your content, not just your logo.

Last Thoughts on Therapist Logos

Keep your counseling logo design simple as can be seen in this example. The image represents an individual and their thoughts. They use bright and fun colors, clear font and a smaller slogan placed beneath the company name.

You can pick a therapy logo that can be more simple and abstract as well. A logo such as this one, is clean and gives you a ‘Eureka!’ moment. Choosing one or two colors can also help make it eye catching and not too busy.

Something a bit more creative like the sample above can be fun. It has more meaning behind the imagery such as left and right brain doorways. The fun organic shapes and colors are helpful to make this logo memorable to your potential patients too.
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