Reviews From Real Therapists

“I just wanted to thank you all at Counseling Wise.”

"My campaign has been working well. I’ve gotten 11 new clients since the 1st of the year!!!" (received 1/26/18 for the year 2018)

--Katie Markley


"Thank you so much for all of your work on my AdWords. It's very exciting to see that I am doing so well with this campaign. I am seeing a great increase in visitors to the site and in conversions / inquiries. In fact, I am exploring bringing other therapists on board as my practice grows. I can't thank you enough for your help with this."

--Clay Cockrell, LCSW


"I think it provides some peace of mind that things are being done properly and price is reasonable... It's definitely affordable and pays for itself."

--Paul Brennan


“Becky is a master at helping therapists…”

"Once I got the results from you, I was totally blown away. The incredible level of detail shows off your expertise, and went way beyond what I expected.”

-- Julia DiNardo, PhD.


"I have experience with marketing and social media, but I slacked off on my site when I started getting clients. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

--Lori Johnson, MA, NCC, CAC1


"You can be the best therapist on the block, but if folks don’t know how and where to find you – what’s the point?"

--Dr. Jim Davidson, PhD – Davidson Counseling Group


“…I look forward to working further with them.”

Thanks for the blogging help. The articles are good and link to great content! I'm impressed with the blogs your writers have found to link to! It's also gotten me excited to write too. What a bonus. Feels so good to outsource this part of my business so I can focus on my clients. Thanks!!

--Lisa Witter


“My writer is making the process very painless. The interviews go well and he really seems to “get me.” I enjoy our discussions. We are seamlessly working through the writing process and I am very grateful to be teamed up with him. I have shown some of my pages to family and friends and got very positive feedback on how my writing has improved (I told them the truth — he makes me look really good!)”

--Philip Fauerbach, LMHC


“I really enjoyed reading what my writer wrote because she said some things in a new way that I have been trying to explain for years. Loved hearing it in her words, and it was still close enough to our way of communicating that it works. Yay for professional writers!”

--Dana Frederick, LMFT


“…I am wondering how to pace myself.”

"My experience in the Smart Therapy Websites Program has been great. My project manager is on top of things, and really inspired me to get working. Thank you!"

--Faye Slater, MA, LPC


"I'm up to 22 clients next week. Yay!! Its all working!!"

--Wendy Crane

Wendy Crane outdoors smiling

“After two years of disliking my website and my past failed attempts to do (while not really wanting to do) a website, I truly never thought I'd say these words: I'm really happy with my website! I will now actually be able to refer people to the site without any reservation or disclaimers about it being 'in process'."

--Christine Sprague

Christine Sprague smiling outdoors wearing black blazer

“…our new patient flow is way up…”

"The practice is thriving. I am scheduling people several weeks in advance, and every week is full. Almost all my new clients are coming from the website, not calls to the clinic. So thank you. Thank you!!"

--Gary Hardwick

"Your SEO work was amazing; it changed my practice. My practice is maxed out, and we need to bring on additional clinicians to keep up."

--Natalia Gian Buchanan M.S., LPC

"I loved the look of my site before, but the content wasn't driving enough people to it; people didn't really know what we did. Now it's very clear, very concrete and easy to find information about exactly what it is we do”

--Lisa Orbè-Austin, Ph.D.

At CounselingWise, we put our heart, soul, head and hands into making your therapy practice website all it can be. We believe that it is the height of irony that therapists—who communicate for a living at the most fundamental level—are often ill-prepared to communicate effectively in the age of the Internet to those people who need them most. We’re out to change that. We feel honored that therapists from across the country choose CounselingWise and thank our clients for their trust in us. Find out more about what we do best here.
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