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Google Ads

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Seo Marketing Scorecard

SEO & Marketing Scorecard

Audit your potential!

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SEO Writing Services

SEO & Writing Services

Learn the tactics that work!

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Web Design and SEO

Web Design with SEO

Get a beautiful site that works!

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Client calls forever training.

Client Calls Forever Training

Learn the steps to success!

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Google Business Optimization

Google Business Profile Optimization

Be seen by potential clients!

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Learn How We Can Help You Get Up To 4 or 5 New Client Calls

Clients often struggle to find the help they’re looking for because your site is buried by other websites. But Google Ads puts you at the top of the page, right where the clients that want to work with you will see it.

Years of managing ad campaigns has made us experts in getting your Google Ad in front of the potential clients that count. We craft messages that match you and your practice, messages that potential clients want to read and click.

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The Private Practice Marketing Scorecard is an exhaustive deep dive into your website and digital marketing presence.

This is no shallow look, but a thorough scrubbing to make sure you attract the right potential clients who become clients.

It’s a 33-point diagnostic, complete with guidance on what to do after you receive your score, including over 30 pages of analysis and a video walkthrough so you never feel lost.

Why use our Scorecard?

We’ve built more therapy websites that sit on the first page of Google than anyone else.

We analyze your website thoroughly and suggest everything from design changes to SEO (search engine optimization) improvements to help you get client calls on autopilot.

We provide you a unique, personalized, and detailed report on your site, based on our knowledge of what works.

We know how to generate results.

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Are you scratching your head trying to figure out how to reach potential clients? Are you overwhelmed? Stressed? Confused? Therapy is your forte, not digital marketing. It’s okay!

We know how to connect therapists in private practice with the clients that matter—the ones they can help.

This starts with keyword research so that we position you for the terms people use to search on your specialty. Did you know that SEO is mainly about content? Starting with the right keywords is key! (No pun intended.)

We know how to write blog posts and Specialty Pages that express your practice; we know not only Google inside and out but how to represent you to the potential clients you want to connect with; and more than anything we know how to represent you in the digital environment.

Our in-depth strategic writing approach identifies your specialties and wraps them in a presentation that helps your private practice grow.

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Anyone can build a website, but building a smart website that works for you requires expertise that’s been honed for years. At Counseling Wise we’ve built hundreds of both counseling and coaching websites. The therapists we’ve worked with are from all over the world.

There’s a reason for our global community.

What we bring to our process is the knowledge that helps you understand why what we do is effective, and how. We don’t want you to ever feel overwhelmed, which is why we’re with you every step of the way.

We know that a website isn’t a cookie-cutter. We build websites that work while also representing you and your practice exactly how you want to be represented.

You can build the most beautiful website, but if you don’t optimize it for SEO, no one will find it.

With our Smart Therapy Websites Program (STWP) we work hard to ensure your website is not only beautiful, but is working for you. From the ground up, we work to ensure that your site is optimized for SEO in every way possible.

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Whether you’re just setting out to build your first website, or you’re hiring someone to revamp an old domain, you need to understand what works and what doesn’t work in digital marketing.

We’ve created a 3.5 hour training that will teach you everything you need to know to grow your practice online. Not only will you learn how potential clients look for therapists, but how to ensure the people who find you are delighted to have found the perfect therapist for them.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Client Calls Forever Course

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