Google Ads

Clients often struggle to find the help they’re looking for because your site is buried by other websites. But Google Ads puts you at the top of the page, right where the clients that want to work with you will see it.

Years of managing ad campaigns has made us experts in getting your Google Ad in front of the potential clients that count. We craft messages that match you and your practice, messages that potential clients want to read and click.

“Thank you so much for all of your work on my AdWords. It’s very exciting to see that I am doing so well with this campaign. I am seeing a great increase in visitors to the site and in conversions / inquiries. In fact, I am exploring bringing other therapists on board as my practice grows. I can’t thank you enough for your help with this.”

— Clay Cockrell, LCSW

“I think it provides some peace of mind that things are being done properly and price is reasonable… It’s definitely affordable and pays for itself.”

–Paul Brennan

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Private Practice Marketing Scorecard

The Private Practice Marketing Scorecard is an exhaustive deep dive into your website and digital marketing campaigns. This is no shallow look, but a thorough scrubbing to make sure you attract the right potential clients who become clients.

It’s a 33-point diagnostic, complete with guidance on what to do after you receive your score, including over 30 pages of analysis and a video walkthrough so you never feel lost.

Why use our card?

We’ve built more coaching and therapy website that sit on the first page of Google than anyone else.

We know how to generate results.

“Once I got the results from you, I was totally blown away. The incredible level of detail shows off your expertise, and went way beyond what I expected.” 

— Julia DiNardo, PhD.

“I have experience with marketing and social media, but I slacked off on my site when I started getting clients. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

— Lori Johnson, MA, NCC, CAC1

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Strategy Consulting

Are you scratching your head trying to figure out how to reach potential clients? Are you overwhelmed? Stressed? Confused? Therapy is your forte, not digital marketing. It’s okay!

We know how to connect therapists in private practice with the clients that matter—the ones they can help.

We know how to build websites that express your practice; we know Google inside and out; and more than anything we know how to represent you in the digital environment.

Our in-depth strategic approach identifies your specialties and wraps them in a presentation that helps your private practice grow.

“It’s important to think about your site not only from your own perspective, but from a search perspective, which we don’t think about at all. Thinking about our potential clients and what they look for and how to appeal to them in another way… I really wish I had done this when we were starting out a year ago. It was a great win for me.”

— Lisa Orbé-Austin, Ph.D.

“I’ve used almost every aspect of CounselingWise’s services, and our practice is busy, compliments regarding our web presence and content are offered regularly. You can be the best therapist on the block, but if folks don’t know how and where to find you – what’s the point?”

–Jim Davidson, Ph.D.

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Smart Therapy Websites Program

Anyone can build a website, but building a smart website that works for you requires expertise that’s been honed for years. At Counseling Wise we’ve built hundreds of both counseling and coaching websites. The therapists we’ve worked with are from all over the world.

There’s a reason for our global community.

What we bring to our process is the knowledge that helps you understand why what we do is effective, and how. We don’t want you to ever feel overwhelmed, which is why we’re with you every step of the way.

We know that a website isn’t a cookie-cutter. We build websites that work while also representing you and your practice exactly how you want to be represented.

“My experience in the Smart Therapy Websites Program has been great. My project manager is on top of things, and really inspired me to get working. Thank you!”

— Faye Slater, MA, LPC

“It was such a pleasure, not to mention fun, having Becky on our podcast. She definitely knows her stuff. I loved the formula she shared with our audience on how to create specialty pages. Therapists often struggle on how to do this, and she made it so simple!”

— Katie Lemieux, LMFT, Co-Owner of The Private Practice Startup

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Clarity Course

Whether you’re just setting out to build your first website, or you’re hiring someone to revamp an old domain, you need to understand what works and what doesn’t work in digital marketing.

Over 97% of the 342 therapy websites we’ve reviewed fail to bring in a single client. Why is that? Because no one provides comprehensive information on how to build an effective website for therapists.

We saw that this was missing and set out to build that very course.

Enroll now and you’ll learn precisely how to build a website the right way, including the elements of your site that rank in Google and the elements that get clients to pick up the phone and call you.

“I’m up to 22 clients next week. Yay!! Its all working!!”

— Wendy Crane.

“You can be the best therapist on the block, but if folks don’t know how and where to find you – what’s the point?”

— Dr. Jim Davidson, PhD – Davidson Counseling Group

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