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“My Counseling Wise writer helped me write two pages of content for my website a few months ago. Having her do this was the best decision I ever made. Many of my new clients expressed wanting to work with me because of how relatable this new content was. My writer really took the time to understand the client I was trying to target and managed to articulate my words into wonderfully written copy. I highly recommend the Counseling Wise writing team and am looking forward to working with my writer again.”
– Liz Morrison


“When I was considering purchasing a Specialty Page, I was concerned that because someone else was writing for me, that my page would not reflect me or my voice.  CounselingWise produced great pages and gave me the peace of mind that my pages were done right.”
-Renelle Nelson

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“My writer is making the process very painless. The interviews go well and he really seems to “get me.” I enjoy our discussions. We are seamlessly working through the writing process and I am very grateful to be teamed up with him. I have shown some of my pages to family and friends and got very positive feedback on how my writing has improved (I told them the truth – he makes me look really good!)”
-Philip Fauerbach, LMHC


“I really enjoyed reading what my writer wrote because she said some things in a new way that I have been trying to explain for years. Loved hearing it in her words, and it was still close enough to our way of communicating that it works. Yay for professional writers!”
-Dana Frederick, LMFT


For you to stand out as an expert in your field, your specialties must be presented well on your website. And the key to effective website content is all about how it is written.

To make Specialty Pages most compelling, we developed a 7-Point Marketing Message approach to copywriting for therapy and coaching websites. With the help of our strategic writing services, you can connect with your potential clients on a much deeper level, increasing the likelihood that they will pick up the phone and give you a call.

Our content writing team is made up of a group of well-qualified, thoroughly trained, and experienced writers. In collaboration with you and your expertise, we can write your Specialty Pages for you, as well as provide strategic search engine optimization (SEO) to help potential clients find and stay on your website.

(Note: If you would like to know more about collaborating with us and how you can fill your role, please read the “OUR COLLABORATIVE WRITING APPROACH” document. See example pages: more informal tone, more formal tone.)

How does it work?

To create Specialty Pages (~1000-1200 words) that reflect your voice in the best possible way, our process encompasses the following:

Included with ALL Specialty Page, Specialty Page PLUS, and Specialty Page PLUS Premium Offers:

Included with Specialty Page PLUS & Specialty Page PLUS Premium:

ONLY Included with Specialty Page PLUS Premium:

Please Keep in Mind:

• To ensure you are satisfied with the content, each page includes two rounds of revisions. Your feedback is important—we rely on it to help us optimize your message. (Dissatisfaction with writing needs to be communicated before a page is finalized.)

• To ensure our process moves along, enabling us to keep our prices low, we need your feedback on the first draft within 1 week of receiving the draft. If we don’t receive feedback within 1 week, we will consider the page complete. Any further revisions will be billed at our hourly rate of $60/hour. (Note: Though, we don’t often need to do a revision to the second draft because we usually resolve matters during the first revision, if a second revision is needed, we request your feedback within 3 days.)

• To ensure you receive the best possible service, we limit the number of clients our writers take. If we go 2 weeks without hearing from you during any part of the process, we will place your project on temporary hold. Once you are ready to resume, please contact your project manager. (Note: You may experience some delays if your writer is handling other projects or if we need to assign a new writer or project manager at that time.)


Specialty Page

Specialty Page PLUS

Specialty Page PLUS Premium

Keyword research

Page content questionnaire


Phone interview with writer

Writing based on questionnaire and interview

2 Revisions of page content

Finalized copy of page content for your files

Uploading and formatting of page on your site

Additional SEO elements to fill out the content hub for this specialty page for better ranking. ** This includes adding a blog section on the page, writing and adding a blog post, categorizing the post, and linking back to the specialty page. This package also includes adding a Visual Representation of the specialty to the Home page, if you would like it there.

** Note: This pricing assumes you already have a blog established on your site. If you don’t, there will be an additional charge for that. The price depends on your platform, so just ask us! In addition, we will also de-index categories, tags, and author pages to reduce the chance of your site having duplicate content.





After an interview is conducted, you can expect to see the first draft of your page within about 6-7 business days. Then, it is in your hands. When we receive your revisions in a timely manner, it typically takes about 2 weeks to complete a page, from interview to final version. However, if you are not able to respond quickly, the revision phase for your page may take longer to complete. (If you are in a hurry and need content faster, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your desired timeline.)

You may wish to create your own content, but you aren’t sure where to start or how to write in a way that will reach and engage potential clients. Maybe you feel confident in your writing skills, but you would like guidance and support as you learn the nuances of copywriting for counseling websites.

We offer a wide variety of therapy writing resources, including our one-of-a-kind one-of-a-kind Therapy Website Copy Blueprint. It can help you develop content for your Specialty Page that follows our proven 7-Point Marketing Message approach, helping potential clients find and connect with your message.

Therapy Website Copy Blueprint

As mentioned before, the key to effective website content is how it is written. And our expertise is your advantage.

Our unique Therapy Website Copy Blueprint was designed specifically for therapists to help you write pages that reach clients and help grow your online presence. It gives you insight to our proven marketing approach for therapy websites and allows you to compose your own pages with confidence. With the help of this strategic writing resource, you can make your page content the most compelling so you can connect with your potential clients on a much deeper level and increase the likelihood that they will contact you.

Included in the purchase of the Therapy Website Copy Blueprint is:

1. Step-by-step instructions for Specialty Page writing (following our proven 7-Point Marketing Message approach) and a breakdown of how to write a Modality Page to help you develop engaging content.

2. Page Questionnaires (Specialty, Modality, and About Page) designed to help you see things from your client’s perspective, organize your thoughts, and structure your pages.

3. Sample pages for a Specialty Page (including links to other sample pages for specialties) and links to specialized sample pages for a Modality Page and an About Page that you can use as templates to review page structure, language, and tone.

4. Detailed notes about how to incorporate keywords and keyword phrases into your page content, headers, and meta data to boost your ranking in Google searches.

Price: $47.00

Many practitioners who wish to write their own content struggle to get started. In our Facebook Group, Private Practice Builders, we offer a variety of extra resources that help you write your own website copy.

In some cases, you may wish to work with one of our expert therapy writers to develop your first page so you can get a feel for the writing process. This also gives you a personalized template page to work from as you write the rest of your content.

We offer a variety of corresponding services designed to make the writing process as simple as possible. For example, our keyword specialists can identify local and national keywords that people are using to find therapists like you. And when you’re done writing your pages according to our blueprint you may wish to take advantage of the video review service we offer, giving you feedback on the grammar, structure, and flow of your page content, so you can make sure that your pages reach and resonate with potential clients.

If you need help building a new website or analyzing, updating or redesigning an existing site, you can work with our strategy expert and/or one of our qualified project managers to explore your options.

Modality Page

A Modality Page is a type of Specialty Page that explains a specific treatment method and how you use it in sessions in more detail. It is typically ~800-1000 words long and has a different structure than a marketing page for a therapy/coaching specialty (see example). We offer it with and without uploading.

Modality Page

Price: $350.00

Modality Page PLUS

Price: $400.00

About/Bio Page

An About Page (some call it bio page) is a personal page that helps readers get a sense of you as a therapist/coach and a person. The information included in this page (~600-1000 words) helps them like you, trust you, and find you credible (see sample). We offer it with and without uploading.

About Page

Price: $240.00

About Page PLUS

Price: $290.00

Welcome/Home Page Message

A Welcome or Home Page Message is a short introductory copy for your services (what issues you treat, your unique selling point, etc.) that is typically no longer than 200-400 words. This message is intentionally short because it is designed to guide potential clients directly to your Specialty and Modality Pages.

Welcome/Home Page Message

Price:  $115.00

Welcome/Home Page Message PLUS

Price: $165.00

Directory Profile

A Directory Profile is a short therapist/coach bio or practice profile (max. 400-words long/each, depending on the directory requirements). We offer profiles for a variety of different directory sites. Uploading of the profile/bio is your responsibility.

Directory Profile

Price:  $115.00


Aside from the above listed pages/copy, we provide writing services for:
Informational/Free Reports or Quizzes – used to invite opt-ins to client’s email lists. (For pricing of these offers, please contact us.)

And for Blogging, see below. 

You may want to write or update a large number of pages on your website but worry you are spending too much time writing and not enough time focusing on running your practice. Or maybe you have read about how important it is to post on your blog once a week and feel like you won’t be able to keep up.

We have found that many therapists who begin writing new content start to see the benefits and end up wanting to write more than they originally planned. And while you may know how important it is to create engaging, optimized content for your website, you might find yourself too busy with new clients to keep writing. Whether you are trying to build a new site or grow an existing one, our copywriters can help you develop new pages (see our offers above) and/or our blogging team can provide you with consistent blog posts so you can focus on your practice and patients.

Blog Writing Services

You know you need blog posts for your website, but you’re having a hard time writing them, right? Enter CounselingWise’s Blog Writing Services.

If you know anything about what it takes to get traffic to your website these days, you know that you need content, content, content. We’ve helped therapists with online marketing since 2007, and in all that time, we’ve never met a therapist that wrote consistently enough to keep their online presence strong.

That’s why we decided to create our blog writing services for therapists, the Therapy Blog Library.

Our Therapy Blog Library option is an inexpensive way for you to get continuing blog content on your website every month. When you sign up for the Therapy Blog Library membership, you choose how many blog posts you want us to write per month. You can choose either 2 blog posts per month or 4 blog posts per month. We will collaborate with you monthly about post topics and titles, write those blog posts for you, and then deliver them on the weeks you choose. Since the content is written without detailed input from you, we encourage you to modify it and personalize it once you receive it.

To see our blog packages go to Therapy Blog library:

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