How Much Do Psychologists Make In Texas?

Psychology is an incredibly interesting and intricate field to work in. Generally speaking, psychology jobs may pay rather well, but this figure does depend on many factors such as where in the US you choose to work. So, let’s take a look at some of the average psychologist salaries in the US, what the salary

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DBT Training For Therapists

Originally developed through experimentation with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), is an increasingly common treatment method. As a specialized treatment, DBT was designed to help those struggling with strong emotional responses by taking an approach that seems contradictory on the surface: DBT encourages both acceptance and change. Initially developed for treating BPD, DBT

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How Much Do Psychologists Make In California?

Psychology is an exciting, interesting and dynamic field to work in. You can also earn a good salary as a psychologist, depending on the discipline you choose to specialize in. So, how much can you expect to earn, how much are psychologists paid in California, and what factors affect this wage? Read on to find

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Business Cards For Therapists

A business card probably won’t make or break your therapy practice, but it can play a surprising role in attracting clients. Think of how many contact details that are forgotten in your phone, and how many webpages you’ve scrolled right past. In the modern world, business cards might seem outdated, but they’re still an excellent

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Eating Disorder Training For Therapists

Eating disorders are incredibly complex, and often badly misunderstood by the public. An eating disorder can present itself in many different ways, and encompasses much more than an aversion to food. Understandably, treating eating disorders requires care and specialist knowledge. Many who wish to train as an eating disorder therapist are deeply passionate about the

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How Much Do Psychologists Make In NYC?

Think NYC might be the right place for you to practice psychology? Affectionately known as the “City that Never Sleeps”, the rich diversity and culture of NYC might make it seem like a fascinating place to work as a psychologist. But what is the job market like? The median salary for a psychologist in NYC

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