How To Find A Private Practice Niche

Many therapists I’ve spoken with worry about picking a niche for their private practice. They’re afraid that by specializing they’ll scare away some of their potential clients. But, when therapists niche properly they stand out from the crowd and connect with the potential clients who they can help best. So that, choosing a niche is

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Yes, Google is a Monopoly and Therapists Have To Work With the Monarch

Have no doubt, Google is a monopoly. No matter how hard they try therapists and counselors and private practices can’t escape Google if they want to attract potential clients online. But this reality has disheartened many therapists. Google’s original motto was “Don’t be evil,” but since the pandemic many private practices have come to believe

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Dec 2020 Google Algorithm Change: How Did Therapists Fare?

Between December 3rd and the 18th Google rolled out its 2020 Core Algorithm Update. It’s part of the regular tuning Google does to their algorithm to improve search. This last one was a big one. It shook a number of industry players from their coveted spots on the rankings. Amazon and Psychology Today slipped off

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Scraper Site FindHealthClinics May Have Stolen All Your Content

Nobody wants to see their work stolen but on the internet it’s easy to be a thief. Some of our clients have discovered that a website called FindHealthClinics is taking their content to make a quick buck. Our clients are understandably upset. They’ve worked hard to implement a digital presence that helps them connect with

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What Makes The Best Therapist Websites Work?

In this article, we’re taking a look at therapist websites from around the web and pointing out what makes them work.  We’re answering the question, “What have they done right to draw in the potential clients that grow their practice?” Calm Pathways Counseling Specialty Pages That Work For Potential Clients Here, through Calm Pathways

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