How To Handle Gifts For Therapists

Everyone appreciates a good gift, but when it’s coming from a client at your therapy practice, they tend to have a few strings attached. Accepting a gift from a client isn’t always a simple matter of saying thanks and moving on. Is It Appropriate To Accept A Gift From A Client? Accepting a gift from

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How To Choose A Therapy Couch

The classic image of the therapy office is of a client reclining on a chaise lounge, looked over by a therapist sitting in an adjacent chair. While therapy has evolved a lot since Freud, the traditional couch has remained a mainstay. But the one thing that has evolved, is how comfortable our couches can be.

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Is A Therapy Dog Right For Your Practice?

Spending time with a pet has proven physical and mental health benefits and, so, the supportive role of animals has led to the rise of AAT: Animal-Assisted Therapy. Therapy dogs are a common form of ATT. Known for their quiet and calm nature, a therapy dog can benefit your clients. But the logistics can be

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Are Your Ad Groups Broken Out For Enough Control?

As your practice continues to grow, it’s crucial to stay in control of your advertising game, whether you’re solo or you’ve expanded into a group practice. So, ask yourself: are your ad groups broken out enough to provide the control you need as your practice grows? In this article, we provide insights to help you

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How To Not Stress About Money As A Therapist

You started as a therapist because you wanted to help people, but now you find most of your day is spent stressing about money. There’s no quick fix to money worries, but as a therapist, it’s important not to let financial concerns affect your quality of work. The best method to avoid stressing about money

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Does Your Imagery Match The Breadth Of Your Practice?

When it comes to your therapy website, capturing the attention of your potential clients is paramount. And a large part of what drives attention is imagery. But imagery can also become a problem if you decide to expand your practice’s Specialties. Imagine this scenario: your practice used to only serve children and has now expanded

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