Create A Psychology Today Listing For Each Of Your Clinicians

Psychology Today is a great tool for increasing the reach of your practice. While therapists may not have a lot of respect for Psychology Today, the average potential client is familiar with the site, and so, being listed there provides social proof: that you’re practice is in good standing.  Think about Psychology Today as a

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Why You Should Use Keywords With The Highest Search Volume

The keywords you choose for your Specialties are the ultimate determination as to whether or not your site connects with potential clients. But, lately, we’ve been hearing a question about keywords: “Why would I want to use a keyword with such a high search volume?” The thinking goes… if everyone is trying to rank for

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Add A Booking Link To Your Google Business Profile To Get More Clients

Google Business Profile is often the first means by which potential clients interact with your practice. Sometimes, it’s the only way potential clients interact with your practice, and that’s why it’s important to have a fully developed and optimized Google Business Profile (GBP). Part of that optimization is ensuring that your booking link is featured

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How Bad Backlinks Hurt Private Practice Rankings

As a private practice, you want to be associated with trust and authority.  One method Google uses for establishing trust is backlinks. Good backlinks tell Google that your private practice is a website that can be trusted, which therefore increases your rankings. Bad backlinks do the opposite. They hurt your website’s ability to rank, because

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Why Your Pages Aren’t Indexing On Google

Ranking high on Google hels bring traffic to your website and clients to your practice. But sometimes the problem isn’t getting ranked highly but getting ranked at all.  Google crawlers search the web to find pages to index. If you aren’t indexed, your web page (and therefore your practice) will be  almost impossible to find. 

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Why Potential Clients Click Off Your Homepage

When a potential client visits your website, they’re there for one of two reasons. Either they want to learn about what you do, or they’re ready to make an appointment.  So why would they click away from your homepage?  Poor website design, a lack of direction, and slow load times can all cause potential clients

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