CounselingWise: Building The Best Therapist Websites

At CounselingWise, we build exceptional websites for therapists. A great web site—one with useful content that resonates and graphics that draw in your clients—is absolutely essential in today’s market, whether you are fresh out of school and just starting out, or have been in business for 30 years. We make the best therapist websites—only for therapists and psychologists—and we have hundreds of delighted, successful therapists working with us at any given time. Don’t believe us? Just read our client testimonials.

It’s our specialization that makes us unique. We can set you up with a modern, customizable website using the WordPress and Squarespace platforms. Below is a small sample of some of the best psychology websites we have developed for our clients. If you are ready for a great new website, please contact us.

WordPress Websites

SquareSpace Websites

Why Choose CounselingWise?

While platforms like Squarespace and WordPress make building a website affordable and easy, they don’t help you understand SEO or how to reach potential clients. We take a strategic approach to your website and online marketing strategy that has been shown to help your website rank higher and attract more visitors. Even if your practice is thriving, marketing can still help you maintain the presence you need to remain at the forefront. Check out our blog post: Should You Continue Marketing If Your Private Practice Is Full? So, whether you are building a brand new counseling site or converting your existing site to improve SEO and performance, we can help you take the steps you need to get the most out of your online presence.

Attracting potential clients to your website is only the first step in establishing your practice online. Once they arrive, you want them to be greeted by welcoming and informative content and design that will keep them engaged. Visitors to the best therapy websites are like kids with Legos; the more they have to look at, the more they want to reach out and get in touch. We provide a wide variety of resources, videos and trainings to help you write compelling, keyword-focused content. Or, we can assign one of our expert writers to help you capture your approach and tone in a way that reaches clients while saving time and energy.

“[CounselingWise] has really blown me away with their ability to capture our tone of voice and articulate what we have done for years with the practice. They are wonderful and personable and make it really easy to share with them our process.”

– Satisfied CounselingWise Client


Specialty pages – Focused on Depression, Anxiety or Couples, for example, specialty pages are written to cover everything that the potential client is wondering about. Even on the best psychologist websites, more than 95 percent of potential clients won’t be ready to reach out on their first visit. But, by implementing our 7-Point Marketing Message, you can illustrate to struggling individuals that you know what they’re going through and that they’re not alone. And, as your page content builds rapport with readers and addresses their fears or concerns, you can now detail your therapy approach to a more receptive audience.

In addition to writing great page and blog content, we create site architecture and navigation that enables your user to know exactly where to go when he or she gets to your site. Google loves fresh content, and your clients will love the level of expertise that your well-designed website and expansive blog allow you to communicate. We don’t just help you attract visitors to your site; we help you convert the right ones into paying clients.

Where CounselingWise Outshines Other Providers

At CounselingWise, we use a strategic approach to building the best therapy websites that other companies simply can’t match. There are three key pieces you need to take your online presence to the next level: marketing fundamentals and strategy, SEO and visual presentation. Unfortunately, very few providers truly understand all three pieces of the triangle or how to use them to build the best counseling sites. Many claim they provide SEO, but only offer a high-level review of your site and may not even help you implement their suggestions. Others provide an outline for your website, but don’t have a built-in blog and use pre-selected keywords without doing the appropriate research. Even worse, some providers offer what we call “black-hat” SEO, providing a temporary boost for your website using strategies that can all but eliminate your online presence when Google catches on.

In addition to helping you create compelling, marketing-friendly content, we work with you to write blog posts on each specialty page so you can meet the deeper needs of your clients. Read more about Why Your Private Practice Needs a Blog. Every step we take helps establish you as a true expert, both to Google and potential clients. From our true, white-hat SEO to helping you select images, designs and colors that will resonate with and highlight your message, we know how to build the best websites for therapists and psychologists.

CounselingWise University

When you work with CounselingWise, you get more than website analysis and strategy. We provide coaching and education on how to build the best psychologist websites to all of our members throughout the process, so you can take control of your website and identify areas where you may still need additional support. Our resources, videos and live webinars give you the tools you need to build, update or manage your site effectively and confidently.

“[CounselingWise] has been of enormous help to me in every stage of the process of developing a website for my psychotherapy practice. They showed me how to write content; they optimized my site and they have always been available to answer questions and make changes. CounselingWise understands the unique issues therapists face as we attempt to have an online presence that maintains our ethical standards and doesn’t compromise our relationships with the people who come to see us. I recommend CounselingWise wholeheartedly.”

— Jane Rubin, Ph. D., Berkeley, CA


CounselingWise creates the best therapist websites, bursting with content that truly communicates your expertise, background and passion for helping others.

Ready to get started? Learn more about our fabulous Smart Therapy Website Program, our tailored site design process that is setting the standard for quality and effectiveness in the industry. Want to talk to a real live person instead? Contact Us About Your Unique Website Needs