3-Hour Workshop:
Learn How to Make Your Website Show Up on Page 1of Google Bringing You Free Client Calls, Forever

Therapists using this system are faring much better than others during the pandemic

3-Hour Workshop: Learn How to Make Your Website Show Up on Page 1of Google Bringing You Free Client Calls, Forever

Therapists using this system are faring much better than others during the pandemic

See That It's Real

See That It's Real

See That It's Stable

See That It's Stable

Learn How to Do It

Learn How to Do It

See That It's Real

See That It's Stable

Learn How to Do It

Calls Have Stopped for Many
Therapists in Private Practice

Get This Solid Foundation in Place Now

  • Understand why your calls have stopped
  • See that you don’t need to reinvent yourself to make it
  • Get why you don’t need some new “passive income” dream
  • Understand why your calls have stopped
  • See that you don't need to reinvent yourself to make it
  • Get why you don't need some new "passive income" dream
  • Position yourself so you’re in demand (the world needs therapy now more than ever!)
  • Ensure that you’re found by the people who need you
  • Know that tele-therapy is not a barrier, but your golden ticket
  • Position yourself so you're in demand (the world needs therapy now more than ever!)
  • Ensure that you're found by the people who need you
  • Know that tele-therapy is not a barrier, but your golden ticket

Your Website Will Either Be Visible or the Best Kept Secret on the Internet

“Going into this workshop, I was struggling with getting new clients into my practice, and I felt that I couldn’t do this on my own. I left feeling that, even though I’m a tech-less person, I can do this!”

--Sara Duniven
Certified Hypnotherapist

Understand the
Client Journey

Learn how clients look for therapists
so you reach them where they are
and stand out from competitors.

Speak Your
Client’s Language

Meet potential clients without
coming across as salesy
or confusing.

Market Yourself with Confidence

You’ll have a proven strategy
for attracting and converting
ideal clients online.

Our Simple, Step-by-Step Process Has More Therapists On Page One of Google Than Any Other Company

“After putting as much money into my business as I had, I really wanted to get my phone to ring, but I wondered if the workshop would be substantive. What I found is that Becky provided a lot of information for a very reasonable price. I learned how I can boost my Google rankings. I’m really glad that I heard about this, and I highly recommend it to others.”

--Evan Powers
Registered Psychotherapist, NLC

“I had a website that I liked, but I felt like it wasn’t bringing me any business. I knew that I needed a more focused presence that spoke to what I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure how to do that. Becky’s workshop gave me more information than I expected, and it answered questions that I didn’t even know I had. Her clarity and simple guidance about what to do is amazing to me. She cuts through so much unnecessary effort. This workshop was a very good experience.”

--Mary Ann Bolkovatz

“Because of other experiences I’ve had, I was afraid that this course might just be a sales enrollment program. I am pleased to report that instead, the course gave me a full system for creating a successful website. Becky is smart, approachable, and the real deal. I’ve attended several workshops covering this material and none were as clear and beneficial as this one.”

--Julia Sherman
Owner JCS Coaching and Consulting

Anyone Can Do It And It Works For Any Private Practice

Concrete steps you can take regardless of how comfortable you are with technology.

3-Hour Training, Everything You Need to Get on Page 1 of Google and Get Clients Calling

This workshop will first give you an understanding of how potential clients look for therapists. Once you understand the different paths they take to find help, you will realize how and where you can insert yourself into their journey. In fact, you will see how you can not only appear in front of them, but you can ensure that they feel delighted to have found you -- the perfect therapist for them!


5 Modules Followed by Q&A for Each


Lifetime access to this training


Additional materials provided after the training

What People Are Saying About Learning This System

“Before taking this course, I had a number of concerns… maybe I was too old to start this, would I be able to do it, etc. I loved the course and walked away feeling inspired! I now have the clarity I need to get started, and I strongly recommend the course to others.”

-- Ellen Hartman
M.A., C.A.C. III

“I was really excited to hear about this course because I had already started a Squarespace site and needed help to streamline it and complete it. In the course, I learned the importance of specialties, the difference between specialties and keywords, the importance of the order of items in the navigation bar, how my blog posts should be organized, etc. I walked away feeling confident and motivated to move forward.”

-- Bonnie Brindle

“Before taking this course, I was trying to figure out how to determine what people in my area are searching for in terms of therapy so that I could create a successful practice. Becky delivered great content and gave me a lot of clarity. The course was exactly what I wanted and needed.”

-- Trish Pottersmith

“I took the course because I didn’t have enough private pay clients. This course confirmed most of my marketing instincts, but also gave me concrete information on how to manifest that marketing. Becky is warm and personable, and has a great sense of humor. She made me feel very comfortable, and confident that I can move forward.”

-- Charles J. Horowitz
Counselor, M.A., Ph.D.

What Do You Get With The Workshop?

  • A 3-hour workshop -- 5 modules with Q&A for each
  • Step-by-step guidance you can follow regardless of your comfort with technology
  • Examples of real therapists who are filling their practices with this strategy
  • Exclusive access to additional videos and resources

Getting found in the sea of therapists and coaches is a feat in and of itself, but even if you accomplish that, how much of your website traffic is converting to phone calls? And are these calls, if they are coming, the right kind of calls? Most therapists and coaches don’t have years of marketing experience, thus the nuances of an impactful “website experience" may not only evade you, but it might also surprise you.

And let’s go back to getting found. Are you visible for your specialties? Do you even know how people look for help in regard to what you do? And do you know how to be found for multiple search terms that people use (not just one)? The directories you choose to be in matter, also, as well as the copy you use in those directory listings.

What about your Google My Business Listing (if you have one)? Do you appear in the 3-pak at the top of page 1 for multiple search terms? Finally, social media may not be the best way to attract therapy or coaching clients, but if you’re using it correctly, it can certainly help. How is your engagement in those channels?

If you’ve already done a ton of work on your website and implemented REAL search engine optimization (as opposed to the frivolous SEO that most “experts" hawk), there may be other things in the way of your success. You may have malware, detrimental backlinks, site speed issues or other issues that could be the cause of Google suppressing your site. Until those things are addressed, all your hard work will be futile.

Thus, we dig in. And dig deeper. And, after we analyze each of these components of your marketing, we walk you through the analysis in a video. This ensures that you understand what we are referring to, instead of feeling like you’re just reading a bunch of gibberish. We speak directly to you —and YOUR specific site, directory listings and other marketing — and show you where the holes are. These are not generalities. The video is uniquely yours. It covers every facet of your site and your online presence.

What’s My Investment?

How stable could your practice be if you had a solid, client-connecting online presence? How many potential clients aren’t finding your website because your competition is showing up first? How much time are you spending on marketing efforts that aren’t working? Are you speaking to your clients with empathy and clarity so they can see why they need your help? How much is it worth to learn a formula you can confidently use to get clients reliably and on repeat? How many potential clients are finding your website then going to a competitor because your content doesn't make it clear why they need to work with you? A lack of good visibility and good website copy may already be costing you a great deal.

3-Hour Workshop

One Time Payment
$ 47
  • * Concrete Steps In An Easy to Follow Workshop So You Can Fill Your Practice
  • LIsten to the Training at Your Convenience

What Makes The Client Calls Forever Workshop Different?

Becky DeGrossa, M.A., founder of CounselingWise, initially started as a therapist growing her own private practice. She mastered the art of steady client calls, and found that she loved marketing more than sitting in the therapist's seat. Becky has helped over 500 therapists build websites that rank on Page 1 of Google , and she's extemely happy that therapists using her system are doing well during the pandemic.

“I was looking for help because I want to keep my practice consistently full, with full-pay clients. Since I had already spent thousands on website design and on virtual assistants to help me with marketing without the results I wanted, I wasn’t sure that this inexpensive course was going to help me. I’m happy to report that this course gave me the most straightforward and helpful instructions I have found. I highly recommend it to others!”

--Linda Baird
M.A., L.P.C.

“I am not a psychotherapist, but rather a body worker intersecting emotions through more of a somatic type of work. I do not as yet have a website, have been curious about Becky’s approach and wondered if this course would be applicable to my somewhat different needs. It has been extremely helpful; Becky clearly communicated the strategy without using tech language, and I was able to get it!! I highly recommend this course to others.”

--Ann Hazen

“I had everything set up for my private practice, but had no idea how to get clients. I was a little afraid that the workshop would lead me on a wild goose chase to do a million different ineffective things. What happened is that I got so much clear information on how to move forward. The process is more complicated than I imagined, but it’s clear that Becky is really an expert. I highly recommend that others take this workshop!”

--Zoe Lewis
Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, LCSW

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