3-Hour Recorded Masterclass:
Learn How to Make Your Website Show Up on Page 1of Google
Bringing You Free Client Calls, Forever

This is the Best Way to:

3-hour Recorded Masterclass: Learn How to Make Your Website Show Up on Page 1of Google Bringing You Free Client Calls, Forever

This is the Best Way to:

You Don't Need to Contact Doctor's Offices

You Don't Need to Network

You Don't Need Calls from PsychologyToday

You Don't Need to Contact Doctor's Offices

You Don't Need to Network

You Don't Need Calls from PsychologyToday

Having a Hard Time Getting
FULL FEE Clients?

Having a Hard Time Filling the Other Therapists in Your Group Practice?

Every Successful FULL FEE and GROUP PRACTICE Has a Highly Visible and Deeply Impactful Website

“After Client Calls Forever, I feel much more confident positioning myself to obtain private pay clients. I learned about keyword searches, making better specialty pages, and feeling more confident to start blogging.”

--Shawniel Chamanlal

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“Client Calls Forever taught me a lot about SEO and how I should rework my website. It was a great course!”

--Annie Miller

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“I was worried that Client Calls Forever would be a waste of time, and more of a sales pitch. But that was not the case, I learned so much, I now understand how important a website is, and it should really be a big part of my strategy.”

--Aida Dorsainville


In this 3-Hour Masterclass you will learn how to:

This is a Simple, Step-by-Step Process That Hundreds of Therapists are Using to Appear on Page 1 of Google and Build Highly Profitable Practice

“I knew Client Calls Forever would give me practical advice, but I was worried that it would be taught using unfamiliar technical language. My concerns were unfounded. The amount of information that Becky shared was incredible. After taking the course, I feel confident that I can create a solid website that will attract clients.”

--Cathy Ludwig

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“After taking Client Calls Forever, I realized that while I am pretty happy with my site, there are definitely things I can do to make it better. I'm much more motivated now to move forward, and I'm not feeling hopeless or overwhelmed like I was before.”

--Martin Dee

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“Something I was sure of was the Client Calls Forever would not be a waste, Becky always delivers great material. I really regret not taking this course before making some long term decisions about my website. Client Calls Forever guided me on what should be on my website, the importance of blogging, use of keywords, understanding that I could start with some specialty pages and add some more later and that I can always improve my website or marketing strategy over time (doesn't have to be perfect the first day)”

--Ivana Labuckas


If You Have a Website That's Not Working, It's Not Your Fault.
Don't be Held Hostage By What You Didn't Know.
You Can Fix What's Not Working.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn the exact system we’ve used to help 100’s of therapists build FULL FEE private practices — both solo and group.

Here is what you get with your enrollment:


5 Modules Followed by Q&A for Each


Lifetime access to this training


Additional materials provided after the training

What People Are Saying About This Masterclass

“Client Calls Forever taught me how to use keywords and specialty pages, as well as the importance of blogging. The training was great, concise and to the point!

-- Sarah Lustig

“When I was considering Client Calls Forever I was concerned it might not apply to my UK clients, but that was not the case. I walked away with a tried and tested plan to get more clients. I would definitely recommend the course!

-- Marcus Santer

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“I was concerned that Client Calls Forever would have little information, and a big sales pitch at the end, but that was not the case. The course was fantastic. I learned that I need to do specific keyword searches, and commit to my blogs in a specific way to have a successful website.

-- Nicole Miller

“I thought Client Calls Forever might not contain any new information for me, but that was not the case. Becky taught about the privacy policy, Google My Business, and Specialty Pages for online therapy with recommendations for COVID. It was a well-done course.

-- Eric Weinstein

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“Client Calls Forever was very informative and laid out an easy to follow format. It is an excellent starting guide for anyone wanting to learn how to create a website that works to build your practice.” -- Darleen Gegich

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“I’ve done a lot of online marketing classes. A lot. So I was a little concerned that this class would be information I already knew. After taking Client Calls Forever, I have learned a ton of new information. I’ve been around the block a few times with other marketing courses; I so appreciate Becky’ candid, down to earth, matter of fact, no hype style. There was none of that BS, and it was so refreshing.” – Lisa Gillispie


“When I purchased client calls forever, I knew that I needed a clear path to get client calls again, and that is exactly what this class gave me.  I walked away, feeling confident that I can grow my practice, with clear sequential tasks that will help my practice rank.” – Conner Moss

What Do You Get With The Masterclass?

Getting found in the sea of therapists and coaches is a feat in and of itself, but even if you accomplish that, how much of your website traffic is converting to phone calls? And are these calls, if they are coming, the right kind of calls? Most therapists and coaches don’t have years of marketing experience, thus the nuances of an impactful “website experience" may not only evade you, but it might also surprise you.

And let’s go back to getting found. Are you visible for your specialties? Do you even know how people look for help in regard to what you do? And do you know how to be found for multiple search terms that people use (not just one)? The directories you choose to be in matter, also, as well as the copy you use in those directory listings.

What about your Google My Business Listing (if you have one)? Do you appear in the 3-pak at the top of page 1 for multiple search terms? Finally, social media may not be the best way to attract therapy or coaching clients, but if you’re using it correctly, it can certainly help. How is your engagement in those channels?

If you’ve already done a ton of work on your website and implemented REAL search engine optimization (as opposed to the frivolous SEO that most “experts" hawk), there may be other things in the way of your success. You may have malware, detrimental backlinks, site speed issues or other issues that could be the cause of Google suppressing your site. Until those things are addressed, all your hard work will be futile.

Thus, we dig in. And dig deeper. And, after we analyze each of these components of your marketing, we walk you through the analysis in a video. This ensures that you understand what we are referring to, instead of feeling like you’re just reading a bunch of gibberish. We speak directly to you —and YOUR specific site, directory listings and other marketing — and show you where the holes are. These are not generalities. The video is uniquely yours. It covers every facet of your site and your online presence.

“When I was considering the Client Calls Forever course, I had lost clients due to the pandemic. I was afraid the course would just state the obvious, but it didn’t. I was able to learn how to create Specialty Pages for online therapy, using phrases with the highest search volume in our area.

--Makenna Ferguson

“I was concerned that Client Calls Forever would not apply to me; I had used CounselingWise's 7 point system to create my website already. I am so grateful that I took Client Calls Forever, the technical information was presented understandably, and after taking the course, I feel confident that I can make changes to my website to attract new clients.

--Beth Clark

“Client Calls Forever was honestly beneficial. I learned how to organize my website in a meaningful way and it taught me how to use specialty pages. Becky gave us a formula that makes sense and is easy to use.

--Ellie Kraus

What’s My Investment?

Well, you have two options:


You can spend months or years of your time trying to figure this out on your own.


You can pay the one-time fee of $97 and get the entire roadmap and save yourself 100’s of hours of frustration!

3-Hour Masterclass

One Time Payment
$ 97

About Becky: A Therapist Who Helps Therapists

Becky DeGrossa, M.A., founder of CounselingWise, initially started as a therapist growing her own private practice. She mastered the art of steady client calls, and found that she loved marketing more than sitting in the therapist's seat. Becky has helped over 500 therapists build websites that rank on Page 1 of Google , and she's extemely happy that therapists using her system are doing well during the pandemic.

“Client Calls Forever told me that my plans to revamp my website and create a Telehealth page were on point, but it also gave me the tools and a plan to structure my new site.”

--Darla Sinclair

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“When purchasing Client Calls Forever, I was concerned I might already know the information being taught. While I did know much of it, I learned a lot, and Becky explained everything in a simple, understandable way!

--Carlada Razmus

“The pandemic had taken its toll on my practice when I was considering Client Calls Forever. The course was so helpful, Becky taught us how to update our website with COVID information as well as other tips for our websites. ”

--Carole Stokes-Brewer

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