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Who Are We?

Becky DeGrossa

CounselingWise is the work of Becky DeGrossa, who has been contributing to the world of online marketing for therapists since 2007. After earning a degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly and spending 20 years at IBM, Becky pursued a master’s in psychology and became a successful therapist. Now she combines her technical, marketing, and psychology backgrounds to serve the therapy community, and has helped hundreds of therapists in the fine art of website communication. Becky is a “process nerd” meaning that she LOVES Learning something new…Testing it out to see if it works…Tweaking it so it works better…and then Systematizing it so it can be done over and over. This predilection has resulted in efficiencies that range from…yes, the loading/unloading of the silverware basket in her dishwasher…to…rapid increases in marketing effectiveness for her clients. In her spare time, Becky loves hanging out with two-year-olds, reading good novels, and listening to thought leaders while on the beach in Maui.

Our Team of Amazing Folks

Sarah Grosboll

Billing Manager

Sarah was born and raised in Fort Collins, CO, and is a true Colorado native.  Sarah graduated from Colorado State University. Sarah has been in the office management and billing world for over 14 years.  From Fort Collins, CO to Johnstown, CO, Sarah did not venture very far but enjoys the slower pace out East.  If Sarah is not working,  you can find her spending time with her husband Chris and two boys, Connor and Hunter and running from sport to sport with them.  Sarah also had two dogs that run the household, a yorkie poo named Botwin and a Golden Doodle named Winston.

Angela Evers

Administrative and Marketing Assistant

Angela is a Cleveland, Ohio native, where she currently lives.  Angela is a graduate of John Carroll University, with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Before joining CounselingWise Angela worked in the non-profit world marketing and fundraising for private day schools. If Angela is not working, she is spending time traveling or outdoors with her husband Chris, daughter Avery, and dog Allie.

Joel DeFazio


All his life, Joel DeFazio has been passionate about helping people grow their businesses. His journey with CounselingWise began because of his sister-in-law, who is a therapist herself. He worked with her to help her market her practice and attract new clients. She knew Becky DeGrossa and she thought her brother-in-law’s expertise in marketing and business strategizing could be a valuable asset for Becky’s company. She told Joel about the opportunity and that’s how he became part of the team.
Before working at Counselingwise, Joel worked in sales for several decades. He has a wealth of experience helping run ad campaigns and empowering people to visualize and achieve their business goals. Outside of work, you can often find Joel hiking a mountain trail. He and his wife have an RV, and they take every opportunity they can to get off the grid and spend time in nature.

Project Managers

Bill Bradley

Project Manager

Bill is from Georgia originally. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in Business Education and a Master’s degree from the University of Colorado, Denver in Instructional Technology. After college, Bill traveled the world as a flight attendant and a supervisor of flight services. He taught classes in Web Design, Animation, and Graphic Design in high school for many years. Bill has coached high school basketball for the last 25 years in Georgia, Tennessee, and Colorado. When he isn’t working, he and his wife, Kim, love traveling and are both avid disc golfers.

Willie Milam

Project Manager | Strategy Consultant

Born and raised in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Willie is a native Northwester at heart who loves the greenery, colorful seasons, and amazing running trails that Oregon and Washington have to offer. Graduating from Gonzaga University with an undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics, and continuing on to get his Master’s in Business Administration, Willie moved back to Portland in the summer of 2015 to work as a Financial Analyst for an Investment Firm. Through his education and time in Portland, he gained valuable experience and analytical, project management, and communicational skills that he excited to apply to CounselingWise and its’ clients. His passion for running takes up most of his free time and is what led him to Colorado, as he joined an Olympic Development Group named Roots Runnings Project where he is hoping to continue running competitively.

Alyssa Bishop

Project Manager

alyssa bishop

Alyssa is from Hermitage, Pennsylvania, a small town nestled between Erie and Pittsburgh. Alyssa received her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in English from Robert Morris University in 2014. She received her Master of Arts in Communication Technology from Point Park University. If she is not working, you can typically find her reading a book, making and selling crafts, and focusing on her freelance business. She enjoys being in the sun and in the water when the weather cooperates, and she also enjoys writing and hopes to someday publish her own books. She enjoys spending time with her three cats and dog. Alyssa loves helping clients achieve their goals and looks forward to helping as many people as she can.

Aimee McLachlan

Project Manager

Aimee is originally from the UK, but moved to Colorado in 2018 after living in Spain for the previous 7 years. She graduated from the University of Sheffield, UK with a Bachelors in Biology in 2009. Before working at CounselingWise, she worked in various program management roles in the education field. During this time, she also completed a coding bootcamp to learn the basics of web development. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, their one year old son and their dog, going hiking, cooking and learning new things.

Sania Panjwani

Project Manager

Sania is from Sugar Land, Texas. She has a BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders from UT Austin. After graduating college a year early to start working at a clinic before graduate school, she realized it was a bit too emotionally overwhelming for her, so she got an office job where she worked with accounting software. Then she returned to UT Austin and gained certifications in Health IT, Informatics, and Project Management. From there, she did a project management internship at Texas Children’s Hospital and began traveling to different hospitals/clinics as a consultant for Epic and Cerner software systems. During this time, she realized that the intersection of project management, technology, and being of service to others is where her passion lies, which led her to CounselingWise. In her free time, she likes to read, cook, and do the Chicken Dance with her nephew.


Mohammad Bayezid


Mohammad is a professional web developer, who upholds a strong inclination towards technological advancements and enjoys internet surfing to discover cool stuff around the web.

Lance Richardson


​​Lance was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He currently lives in St. John, IN. Lance has a degree in Art from Grambling State University as well as a degree in Interactive Multimedia from Columbia College Chicago. He enjoys taking new web designs and bringing them to life. He enjoys learning new things from each project he takes on. When he is not working he loves doing things with his family: traveling, taking long walks, little league baseball games, cheerleading competitions, etc. When the kids allow him to, he enjoys watching all things Chicago sports.

Web Pages Copywriting Team

Carola Garvin

Writing Department Manager | Editor

Carola received her formal education in her native, Germany, where she also learned English. Her love affair with creativity – particularly drawing and writing – began early in her life. Many years later, after coming to the United States, Carola began working as a substitute teacher. During those years, she enjoyed helping children of various backgrounds and ages, including those with special needs. Eventually, she put all her time and energy in homeschooling her two teen-aged sons. It was them that sparked her renewed interest in creative writing. The knowledge Carola acquired throughout the years and through her ongoing volunteer work has proven to be invaluable to her writing endeavors. In 2015, she joined CounselingWise, which has provided her with new opportunities to expand her experience and skill as a writer/editor. A geek at heart, Carola loves watching, reading, and writing sci-fi stories in her private time. When she’s not space-bound, she enjoys knitting, baking, and painting…here on earth.


Writing Project Coordinator

Jasmine was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, where she grew up in performing arts. From writing plays, joining organizations, and expressing her creativity through dance and music, she blossomed into becoming very well rounded. She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Clayton State University. After graduating, Jasmine began her experience in counseling/mental health care working alongside psychologists, therapists, and nurse practitioners. As a first time mom, she enjoys time with her daughter and experiencing new sights. Jasmine dedicates her time to family and friends while enjoying new books, foods, creativity, dance and movies. She takes pride in her passion for helping others and meeting their needs in areas of their lives and

Flash Clark

Copywriter | Editor | Writing/Editing Coach

Born and raised in the fertile Shenandoah Valley of the Virginian Blue Ridge Mountains, Flash Clark, or Michael Wayne, as his parents named him, is a professional fashion designer, musician, and writer with thirteen years experience in journalism. He has published everything from food recipes and cartoons to textbook rewrites and high-profile interviews. He is a proud, lifetime VA Tech Hokie with a degree in apparel design that led to an MFA degree in prose writing from the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University. He also once built a Charlie Brown-style lemonade stand and offered advice, resumes, and laughs to passersby. Co-founder of 16 Blocks Magazine and Innovative Thought Consultants, LLC., Flash now writes freelance while working on several personal literary projects, pursues running, Aikido, and the Colorado sunshine.

Parker Desautell

Copywriter | Editor

Parker Desautell lives in Massachusetts and has a bachelor’s degree in English from Eastern University, Pennsylvania. He likes to read, write, play guitar and spend time in nature. Before working at CounselingWise, he worked in childcare for four years, helping run a summer camp and after-school program. In college, he worked as a peer writing tutor, where he gained his first real editing experience. In addition to writing for CounselingWise, he’s also a staff writer at PopMatters, where he writes music reviews here and there. He is an avid record collector and his favorite genre is techno.
When he’s not writing for work, he’s usually writing short fiction. He’s had short stories published in The Wrong Quarterly, Cadaverine Magazine, and Everyday Fiction. He’s a huge baseball fan, a lover of cats, and a total bookworm.

Mamie Stevenson

Copywriter | Editor

Mamie was born and raised in Denver, Colorado before moving to Portland, Oregon in 2008 to attend Reed College. There, she studied Russian, linguistics, and completed a thesis that focused on representation of suburbia in post-war American fiction. After graduating with a degree in English, Mamie began her life as a starving artist, serving tables and starting her first novel. While that book remains unfinished, she has published cover stories, essays, and profiles for a variety of outlets, including Portland’s alternative weekly newspaper, The Mercury. Alongside her work for CounselingWise, she reviews and edits college admissions essays on a seasonal basis. When she is not reading or writing, her time is spent with her beloved husband, sister, and two chihuahua mixes.

Russell Livingston III

Editor | Copywriter

Russell is a freelance writer/editor based in Hampton, Virginia. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Full Sail University, graduating as one of the top in his class. He dreams to make a career writing for films and television. His passion for the written word has brought forth a wide variety of projects throughout the course of his career thus far. In his spare time, Russell enjoys watching a binge-worthy series, spending time with loved ones, or working his other occupation as a Guest Services Manager. With his extensive background in both writing and customer service, Russell understands what it takes to assist someone in achieving their goals.

Jim Santilli


Originally from Connecticut, over the years Jim has lived in Boston, Brooklyn, and New Orleans. He has a B.A. in English from Eastern Connecticut State University and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Lesley University. He has worked as a copywriter, a copy editor, a grant writer, and a ghostwriter. On his own time, he’s into reading, cooking, hiking, and old-school hip-hop. He currently lives in Durango, Colorado.

Jennifer Cole


Jennifer has lived in San Diego, California, for the past 25 years, her previous place of residence having been a 40-foot sailboat in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Prior to her five-year sojourn in the Caribbean, she received a B.A. in English from UC Santa Barbara. For over twenty years, Jennifer worked in the commercial real estate industry in San Diego. However, in 2018, she decided she was ready for a change. She shifted gears to pursue her passions as a birth doula and writer. At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jennifer launched a collaborative writing project which resulted in ten novellas being co-written with other authors that all began with the same paragraph. She is also active in the San Diego improv community, both performing and teaching improv.  

Christine Bolton


christine bolton

Christine was born and raised in the beautiful Caribbean island, Jamaica. For the past 5 years, she has been a freelance content writer with a background in digital and content marketing. She graduated from The University of The West Indies with a BSc in International Relations and Psychology. She has always had a passion for reading and writing, and as a child would write just as many books as she read. When she’s not engrossed in a novel or writing away, Christine enjoys spending her days at the beach, catching up on true crime documentaries, discovering new hiking trails, tending to her plants, or learning new yoga poses.

Melissa Pelletier


Melissa is from Lindenhurst, NY where she lives with her husband, two kids, as well as their dog and cat. She has a BA in Communications from the University of Miami, and a MA in Educational Communication and Technology from NYU. She was drawn to writing for Counseling Wise based on her long-held appreciation for mental health professionals. She began writing in 2014 and has worked as a freelancer in curriculum development, Educational Technology journalism, market research, and digital marketing. She has also been a copy editor, having edited everything from emails to full manuscripts for a publisher in the STEM field. She writes satirical articles and comedy pieces as a hobby in addition to being an artist of traditional mediums.

Miranda Moore


Born and raised in New Orleans, Miranda moved to Hammond, Louisiana, after high school graduation to pursue a degree in English from Southeastern Louisiana University. After graduating in 2013, she set her sights on graduate school for Professional Writing. By 2018, she started her own freelance writing business.
Miranda was born with cerebral palsy and runs her own disability-centered podcast with her long-term partner. When she isn’t writing or striving for disability awareness, she enjoys her mountains of books, anime, and playing with her demanding Chihuahua, Momoko. 

Jane Harkness


Jane was born and raised in Beach Haven, New Jersey, where she developed a lifelong love of reading and writing. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and a Master of Arts in Media and International Conflict from University College Dublin. Today, Jane is a freelance writer and editor, working with clients in various niches including health and wellness, career services, sustainability, and more. She lives in Norfolk, VA, where she enjoys spending time at the beach, hiking, writing poetry, and watching classic movies.

Blog Writing Team

Alyssa Bishop

Manager | Editor

alyssa bishop

In addition to her project management work with CounselingWise, Alyssa is the manager for the blogging department. 

She enjoys writing and taking on a leadership role with something that she loves to do.

Brittani Rable


Brittani is a freelance writer with a background in digital marketing and a published poet. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in English and Creative Writing minor. She’s currently a freelance copywriter and also runs her own jewelry and needlework business. She lives with her two four-legged feline roommates, Lenore and Stevie, and dreams of traveling the world to experience the beauty of other cultures.

Sophie Cherry


Sophie Cherry lives in southwest Ohio with her husband, two small boys, one dog, two cats, and 15 chickens. Sophie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication-Public Relations from Anderson University in 2010, and a Master of Arts in Apologetics from Houston Baptist University in 2018. Before working at CounselingWise, Sophie worked as a program coordinator for an MFA in Creative Writing, on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Since moving to Ohio, she’s worked as a stay-at-home-mom and application reader for Miami University of Ohio. When she isn’t chasing after babies or collecting chicken eggs, Sophie enjoys running, golfing, hiking, skiing, and rock climbing.

Mickey Z


Born and raised in NYC, Mickey is a self-taught, self-employed writer. He’s worked in a wide range of mediums (from blog posts to screenplays to poetry and beyond) and covers an even wider range of topics. When he’s not writing, he’s reading or exercising or taking photos or…

Stacey Blaske


Growing up in an (extremely) small town in Southwest Michigan, Stacey Blaske has always enjoyed the simple things in life. After trying out the corporate world for a few years in her post-grad days, she quickly found out she missed her little town and all the charms that went with it. She’s been a full-time freelance writer for over three years, and loves being able to work at home with her little boy and two dogs. In her free time, Stacey enjoys baking, walks with her child and four-legged children, and unapologetically binging on her favorite Netflix shows!

Jane Harkness


Jane is a freelance writer and New Jersey native currently based in Norfolk, Virginia. She earned her BA in English at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and she decided to go abroad to study for her MA at University College Dublin, where she started freelancing part-time. Upon returning home, she chose to pursue full-time freelancing, and today, she creates content for small businesses, startups, and nonprofits. She loves reading, cooking, and traveling at every opportunity.

Taylor Staus


taylor staus

Taylor is from Peru, Illinois, a small town about two hours outside of Chicago. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Northern Illinois University in 2013, she moved to Chicago, Illinois to start her career in digital marketing. Not long after that, she found her true passion in the events world planning endurance events and trade shows. She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio as an Event Marketing Manager. When Taylor is not working, you can find her working out, playing beach volleyball with friends, and hanging out with her boyfriend, Eric, and dogs, Arya and Titan.

We are also honored to have a handful of other dedicated bloggers who help to make up our amazing blogging team.

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