Using Heatmaps To See If Your Site Works

It’s hard to remove your subconscious biases when visiting your own webpage. You know what you want a visitor to do and you see the site through your own eyes. How do you understand the potential client’s experience? A heatmap shows how your site works by converting scroll, click, and mouse movement data into graphs. 

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How To Know What Your Potential Clients Are Searching

While getting traffic to your private practice website is important, what’s more important is getting the right kind of traffic.  You need to target the searches that will draw potential clients to your website, rather than any passing browser. This requires understanding your client and thinking ahead—as well as some SEO know-how! In this guide,

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Why Private Practices Need Google Analytics

It’s essentially impossible to run a thriving private practice without an internet presence nowadays. The majority of your clients will find you online, so you need to ensure you can be found. Much of your marketing efforts will take place in the digital world. To understand what’s working, and what’s wasting your time, you need

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How To Handle Calls About Insurance

One of the most important decisions you make as a private practice is whether or not to accept insurance. Having decided against it, you’ll need to be prepared to handle calls from prospective clients who are interested in paying with insurance. These initial calls are rarely the place to push cash pay options. Instead, make

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Should I Invest In Ads Or Organic Traffic?

In a busy online marketplace getting traffic to your private practice website must be a primary concern. A huge number of your potential clients will seek therapy solutions online — you need to make sure you’re one of the first options they see. There are two distinct methods for increasing website clicks: paid ads and

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