Smart Therapy Websites Program

Designing beautiful websites to connect you with potential clients.

Do You Need A Great Website Design for Your Practice?

Building Smart Therapy Websites

Building smart, effective counseling websites, just like treating clients, is about more than finding a fast, cheap answer.

When you sign up for the Smart Therapy Websites Program with CounselingWise, you gain access to a team of experts who specialize in design, content development and SEO optimization specifically for coaching and counseling websites.

Whether you want to completely overhaul your existing site or this is your first attempt to take your practice online, we can help you reach your goals.
Dedicated Project Managers

Each STWP member is assigned a project manager. Our PMS serve as the central point of contact between you and CounselingWise, and are here to oversee your website’s creation, as well as support any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Professional Writing Services

To reach potential clients, it is imperative to have relatable content on your site. Our writers work with you to write and optimize content for up to 4 specialty pages, privacy policy/terms of service pages, as well as 2 extra pages of your choice!

Beautifully Effective Websites

You’ll receive a super modern, mobile-friendly website that you can customize however you like. And, best of all, you’ll receive peace of mind knowing that your site has quality content that your potential clients can connect with.

WordPress or SquareSpace


Please refer to the features below to determine which option better fufills your website goals.

Disclaimer: Anything that requires a license must be purchased separately by you, so that you own it. (i.e. premium WordPress themes, plugins, and photos)



Kick-Off Meeting
(to discuss project goals)​
Theme Implementation
(Site Architecture Planning, Best SEO Practices)
Custom Styling
(i.e. layout, colors, fonts, navigation bar, etc.)

Available, but limited

Fully customizable within theme options
Mobile Optimization
(Responsive design)
Google Map Link
(if you have Google MyBusiness)
Google App Integration
(Analytics, Search Console)
Up to Four Specialty Pages
(written/edited by us)
Up to Two Other Pages
(i.e. About, FAQs, written/edited by us, max 1000 words)
Privacy Policy / Terms of Service Pages
(written/edited by us)
Photos added to each page desired
(we share paid and free photo sites with you)
Up to Four Blog Posts
(one per specialty, written/edited by us)
Email Support


Social Media Integration

Hosting Services

You pay separately through Squarespace

You can host with us or another company
Free Report Offering
(additional, charged hourly)

Limited Options
Free Quiz Offering
(additional, charged hourly)
Email Autoresponder Integration
(additional, charged hourly)

Limited Options
Event Calendars/Schedulers
(additional, charged hourly)

Limited Options
ECommerce / Shopping Cart Integration
(additional, charged hourly)
RSS Feeds
(additional, charged hourly)
Logo Creation
(additional, charged hourly)
Image Selection
(additional, charged hourly)
Membership Directory
(additional, charged hourly)
Strategy Consultation
(additional $600, click here to learn more)
*Our process requires clients to share feedback about their website's design and writing. Clients who respond in a timely manner typically see their sites live after 3 months.

Unfortunately, if a client does not provide feedback and exceeds the 6-month development window they will have to pay more to complete the project.
SquareSpace Sites We’ve Built:
CounselingWise will not only provide you with a beautiful effective website, but the guidance and support to maintain and continue growing your online presence.
I'm serious about this...I wish I had not tried to "do-it-yourself" on my website and adwords when I first started. I think I would have ramped-up faster in private practice. I'm glad I eventually hired professionals to do what they do best, so I can do what I do best. Thank you, Becky!
Janie McMahan
Relationship Counseling Center of Austin
Price: $5,800.00

It was such a pleasure, not to mention fun, having Becky on our podcast. She definitely knows her stuff. I loved the formula she shared with our audience on how to create speciality pages. Therapists often struggle on how to do this, and she made it so simple!

-- Katie Lemieux, LMFT, Co-Owner of The Private Practice Startup


My project manager and writer were great through the whole project. I could not have been happier with the feedback they provided me along with the teachings of various things, professionalism, respect for my input and just the overall pleasure it was to work with them. My project manager was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable! I wish I had the website knowledge that she has! The Smart Therapy Websites Program members area is fantastic! I watched a few videos more than once...once before starting anything and again when I started to write a certain section. Thank you for offering this service! I learned a ton!

-- Michelle Bogdan, LCSW


I was originally inspired to work with CounselingWise because of your expertise I saw in your videos. Now that I am working on building a new website with you, I want to thank you for all the wonderful work your company is doing. My project manager is doing a fantastic job. He answers my emails promptly, is professional, intelligent and helpful. My writer is a stupendous writer and editor, and has been working especially hard for me.

-- Joseph Sacks, LCSW

WordPress Sites We’ve Built:
Building a strong, effective website is no longer just an option to consider when running your practice, but a necessity. If your website is not attracting clients and communicating your expertise as well as it could be, we can help!
“After two years of disliking my website and my past failed attempts to do (while not really wanting to do) a website, I truly never thought I'd say these words: I'm really happy with my website! I will now actually be able to refer people to the site without any reservation or disclaimers about it being 'in process'."
Christine Sprague
Price: $5,800.00

My project manager is doing an excellent job, as has been true from the beginning. He is super helpful and prompt if I have questions or needs. The Smart Therapy Websites Program membership area is great, and if full of very useful information. I am grateful for your company's guidance, your talented team, and all the information you provide.

-- Sid Greenberg, LMSW, ACSW

Sid Greenburg Testimonial

My experience in the Smart Therapy Websites Program has been great. My project manager is on top of things, and really inspired me to get working. Thank you!

-- Faye Slater, MA, LPC


My experience working with you and your team has been amazing, and my project is going much better than I could have imagined. My project manager offers guidance and has provided leadership in developing the website. He has been helpful in letting me know how the process will work and also guiding me on my responsibilities. I feel he has a good understanding of what I am hoping to achieve with my new website. Thank you.

-- Philip Fauerbach, LMHC



Project Timeline

If full payment at time of purchase isn’t workable for you, we also have a financing option! You can set up a phone call with us and we can get financing approval within 10 minutes. You can establish a fixed monthly payment over a period of 12 months (interest fee applies) or 6 months-same-as-cash (no interest).
It takes time to create a site that is built correctly, has stellar content, and is fully optimized. We will need your timely participation to finish the project in time. All sites must be completed within six months. *Please note: Any additional updates to your site after six months will be charged on an hourly basis. Once a website is purchased, there are no refunds.​
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