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We put therapists, psychologists, and coaches on Page 1 of Google with Google Ads.

Offering a Basic & Silver Package

All Adwords packages include best practices on all relevant Google settings for your practice and your area, such as:

Daily Budget (Recommended minimum campaign budget of $10/day (or $300/month) per location for a campaign with four specialties)
Our Google Ads for Therapists packages offer an immediate way to show up in Google for the searches you want, with abilities that SEO doesn’t offer – to show up in targeted cities, to craft the message that people see, and even to NOT show your ad to certain searchers (for example people looking for massage therapists…why pay for those clicks?).

We are experts at putting therapists, psychologists and coaches on Page 1 of Google via Google Ads and we can do it for you, too! After you pay for the campaign to be built, you only pay for the actual click throughs, so you really have nothing to lose. For most of our clients, the return on investment is very good. That is why so many therapists are choosing this strategy to connect with potential clients.

Basic Ads Package

* One customized campaign targeting your specialty

* 4 custom-written professional ads

* Dozens of keyword concatenations

* Robust, customized negative keyword list (900+)

* Personalized document with graphics detailing exactly what has been done

* 3 months of monitoring campaign performance

* Personalized campaign updates at 6 weeks and 3 months
* $997.00
"I'm serious about this...I wish I had not tried to "do-it-yourself" on my website and adwords when I first started. I think I would have ramped-up faster in private practice. I'm glad I eventually hired professionals to do what they do best, so I can do what I do best. Thank you, Becky!"
Janie McMahan
Relationship Counseling Center of Austin
Who is this for?
* Someone just starting out, or a small budget. (We recommend a starting campaign budget of ~$7/day or $200/month per location for this package.)

* Smaller towns or areas with little competition on AdWords.

* A therapist with one specialty area.

"My campaign has been working well. I’ve gotten 11 new clients since the 1st of the year!!!" (received 1/26/18 for the year 2018) "

-- Katie Markley​


"I started my practice about two years ago. I had set a goal for how many clients per week I wanted to see by two years in practice. I reached that goal just 8 months in. I know that my fantastic website played a major roll in achieving this goal. In addition to web design, I know your writing services and the Google Adwords campaign helped significantly. To use your metaphor, like a spigot I have turned adwords on and off as needed."

-- Tish Schuman


"The Google Ads campaign you built for my private practice is going well. Immediately upon implementing it, I saw a 60% increase in monthly revenue - for $300/month ad spend."

-- Jennifer Perera, LCSW, PMH-C
Interval Health


"I think it provides some peace of mind that things are being done properly and price is reasonable... It's definitely affordable and pays for itself."

-- Paul Brennan​


"Google Ads with CounselingWise was a game changer for my practice. I cannot thank the CounselingWise team enough!" - Sarah Moore

Silver Ads Package

* A customized campaign that includes up to 4 distinct Ad Groups targeting up to 4 distinct specialties (Anxiety, Depression, etc)

* 4 custom written Ads for each Ad Group for purposes of split testing

* Dozens of keyword concatenations per each Ad Group

* Robust, customized negative keyword list (900+)

* Ad Group negatives for perfect funneling (keyword search for “anxiety therapist” land on Anxiety ads; keyword search for “couples therapist” land on Couples Counseling ads)

* Personalized document with graphics detailing exactly what has been done

* 3 months of monitoring campaign performance

* Personalized campaign updates at 6 weeks and 3 months
* $1,297.00
Who is this for?
* Practitioners with multiple niches (couples, kids, EMDR, LGBT, etc.).

* Therapists in more competitive areas. (We recommend a starting campaign budget of $10/day or $300/month per location for this package.)
"Thank you so much for all of your work on my AdWords. It's very exciting to see that I am doing so well with this campaign. I am seeing a great increase in visitors to the site and in conversions / inquiries. In fact, I am exploring bringing other therapists on board as my practice grows. I can't thank you enough for your help with this. "
Clay Cockrell

The way we work is to create a campaign for you and fine-tune that campaign for a period of 3 months (sending you personalized campaign updates at 6 weeks and 3 months), all for 1 fixed price. 

Our Basic campaign is $997. That is for 1 adgroup / specialty. Our Silver campaign (up to 4 specialties) is $1297.

On top of the cost for creating and fine-tuning, you will pay Google, directly, for your clicks. We’ll help you set a monthly budget with them and they’ll make sure you don’t exceed that monthly budget by stopping the display of your ads when you hit your budget. We usually recommend $300-400 / month as a starting point, though if you are in NYC or LA or another huge city, we’ll recommend a higher budget.

Most clients start getting client calls within the first couple of weeks, but we continue to fine tune the campaign with the goal of optimal performance at the 3-month mark.

We set up and track conversions from form fills, but we don’t do call tracking (HIPAA concerns, obviously). So, we request that you tell us what is happening on your calls. (I.e. If calls are coming from lower SES areas and they can’t afford your fees, we can change the zip codes being targeted. If people are calling and want to use insurance, we can use a callout extension to specify that you’re private pay, only).

You can pause your campaign at any time (i.e. if you’re full). We’ll show you how. You can also increase or decrease your budget at any time. We’ll show you how. 

We do not charge a monthly fee. If, after 6-9 months or so, you think things are slowing down, you can come back to us for a fine-tune. That costs between $150-250.

Also, if Google changes something in ads layouts or whatever, we’ll come to you and tell you what they changed and ask if you want us to upgrade your campaign to utilize the new layouts. It’s your choice to have us do that or not.

Bottom line, we don’t require you to do anything with us monthly. In our 10 years of experience running ads campaigns for therapists, we’ve learned that most therapy campaigns require little ongoing or repeat work once they are humming.

To summarize, here is how we’re different from other companies you might talk with:

  • We don’t charge a monthly fee forever. It’s not needed and we view it as unethical.
  • We build the campaign in your account so you can sign in and see what’s going on at any time. We believe that since you’re paying for the work, you deserve access to the campaign and the data about its performance. (Some companies don’t give you access to performance unless you’re paying $250/month in management fees).
  • Our goal is to have it working really well at the 3-month mark, and then we’re done — unless you want us to add more specialties, etc.
  • We can fine tune it down the road at any time, but we do this on a request basis, rather than requiring a monthly fee to “maintain” it.
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