How to Build a Mailing List of Potential Therapy Clients

Piece 3 in the the 4-Piece Practice Building System is to “collect leads”. This post will tell you how to build a mailing list of potential therapy clients. Another way to say that is that you should have an email opt-in form on your site and you should be collecting email addresses of people interested in your services.

How Can You Motivate People to Opt-in to Your Email List?

It used to be that website owners could build an email list by simply putting a newsletter opt-in form on their site.  Nowadays, you need to do something more.  In order to incent people to opt-in, these days, you need some kind of a “lure” or free report or assessment. This lure should be very specific to the audience you’re speaking to.

What Kind of Report Can You Create?

A report should have an intriguing title, such as “5 Little Known Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Anxiety” or “What You Need to Know About Sleep and Depression”. Examples of free reports therapists have created can be seen at these sites:

What Kind of Assessment Can You Use?

Assessments are also very effective, because people like to see how they measure up. Examples of assessments that therapists are using can be seen at these sites:

Collect Leads, Offline, Too

If you do any presentations or workshops or networking, or even if you don’t, you should have your lead generation process working for you in the offline world, as well. A simple way to do that is to have your free report on your business card (see also ‘Business Cards For Therapists‘).

The images below show the front and back of my business card:How to Build a Mailing List of Potential Therapy Clients BizCard-FrontandBack

Building a mailing list is a lot like saving for retirement.  It’s slow at first, and we don’t see an immediate benefit.  However, those who do it end up with an asset in their business that does more for the stability and growth of their practice than anything else.

How About You? Do You Know How to Build a Mailing List of Potential Therapy Clients?

Do you have a lead collection freebie you’d like to share with the rest of us? Or have you struggled with creating one and feel you could use some help? Post your comment below, or contact me privately if you’d like a consultation.

Now, go build that email list!


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