Coaching Call: The 4-Piece Practice Building System Every Therapist Needs

AudioSymbolThis replay from February’s coaching call will illuminate the 4-piece practice building system every therapist needs, so you owe it to yourself to watch it!

On this call you’ll discover…

That there is an age-old, proven marketing system used by nearly every successful business, but most therapists don’t know about it and therefore, don’t reap the benefits.

This call will teach you:

  • What this system is (see sneak preview below) and why it works
  • How NOT using it virtually guarantees wasted time, wasted money and very slow practice growth, if any.
  • How to immediately identify the pieces of the system that you’re missing in your marketing
  • How to plug the holes and get it working.


Piece # 1: A well-written marketing message

You have probably spent a lot of time fine-tuning your website to make sure that you’re compassionately reaching the people you want to reach. There is a lot of training available on this topic in our field. If you haven’t been trained on how to write an effective marketing message, get trained!

Piece #2: A way to get your message seen by potential clients

If you’re focused on growing your practice, you have probably also been working on this step. You’ve listed yourself on high-ranking directories, like and PsychologyToday. You’ve worked on getting your Google Places listing on page 1. You’re adding content to your website (or having someone else do it for you) to attract relevant traffic. Maybe you’re even guest-blogging on bigger sites. Good for you!

Pieces #3 and #4: A lead collection mechanism and a lead nurturing process

OOPS! Nearly no one does this! This is the process of collecting names and emails when someone comes to your website (or when you give a talk, etc.), and then communicating with those people on a regular basis. Are you doing this?

The reason pieces 3 and 4 are so important is shown by these well-known sales statistics:

o 2% of sales are made on the first contact
o 3% of sales are made on the second contact
o 5% of sales are made on the third contact
o 10% of sales are made on the fourth contact
o 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact

If you aren’t collecting names and emails and nurturing those folks, then you can be 98% sure that those folks won’t become your clients!

On this call, I’ll walk through these steps, focusing most of our time on steps 3 and 4.

By the end of the call, you’ll know how to make this system work for you.


practice building system every therapist needs Becky

Post Script Update: Did you miss this coaching call? Call me now for a no-obligation, absolutely free 30-minute consultation at 866-610-5601 and I will walk you through it.

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