The Full Private Practice Roadmap: What 10 Years of Fine Tuning Can Do For You

What Can You Expect from the Roadmap, Anyway?

I want to show you the power of the Full Private Practice Roadmap in real life. 🙂

Building a solid private practice (see also ‘Do I Need An LLC For A Private Practice?‘) website is good, but at the end of the day, what difference can it really make?

Well, meet Lisa and Richard Orbe-Austin who practice in NYC.
When I first met them, Lisa was in private practice and Richard was working full-time at NYU.

Within 4 months of implementing the BUILD phase of our Roadmap, they began receiving 4 times the number of consults that they were getting, previously.

The uptick in calls was so encouraging that, finally, the possibility of Richard being able to quit his job and join Lisa in the practice was finally REAL.

They decided that, now that they FINALLY had a foundation that was actually working, they would put their foot on the gas, and implement Step 8 on our Roadmap, too.

They decided to run a Google Adwords campaign. (Warning: Don’t try this until the BUILD phase is done!)

Lisa told me that once their Adwords campaign was running, they immediately saw an uptick in phone calls that was ** 8 times ** their previous calls!

Fast forward: Less than a year from the start on the Roadmap, Richard left his job and began working full-time in the practice, alongside Lisa.

But, how, exactly did they get there?

I remember my first phone call with Lisa…

She and Richard had already built two different websites.

The first one, they pretty much did on their own.

It didn’t work, at all.

They decided that the reason was that it wasn’t classy enough to speak to high-level career seekers in NYC.

So, for their second site, they hired an expensive website designer.

He decked out their site, for sure! Its visual appeal was top notch.

They loved the site!

But, after all that time and money, it still didn’t work.

Phone calls were few and far between.

That’s when they were referred to us.

In our first phone call, we reviewed the 3 steps in the “Build” phase of our Roadmap.

Lisa had a major AHA moment!

She realizes that though their site looked great, they had totally missed all of the important pieces needed to GET CLIENTS.

So, what did they do, exactly?

It comes down to the 3 Foundational Steps in the Build Phase of the Roadmap:


1). They got very clear on their niche(s) and made sure they were positioned to be in demand.

You’ve heard people talk about niche-ing many times. But, knowing what you think you want to do, and making sure it’s going to work for you are two entirely different things.

And using the Roadmap really tuned things in for Lisa and Rich…

From the niches they chose and the research we did, we KNEW that they would get clients before any work was done.

New York City is teeming with career coaches and counselors.

So how did Lisa and Rich stand out?

It’s all about choosing the right terms and the right messaging — and we cover that in step 2.


2). They committed to compassionate and comprehensive Specialty Pages

Taking the time to know what your potential clients are struggling with… being willing to feel their deep pain… this is not easy.

It should be easier for therapists than others who aren’t well-trained in the realm of emotions, but it’s still not easy. Lisa and Richard were willing to go there.

They were willing to dig deep into what was really going on with their potential clients for each of their problems and work with our writers to make sure that the pages really reflected this experience.

They were also willing to cover the whole gamut of the therapeutic experience on those pages.

They showed potential clients that they not only understood their pain, but that…
… their pain was normal…
… their situation was workable…
… though the potential clients has worries that had prevented them from taking action in the past, they could be overcome…
… Lisa and Rich were the best choice, and…
… the first step was an easy one.

All the work that went into those specialty pages has paid off.

When people land on Lisa and Richard’s website, now, they…
… trust Lisa and Rich…
… are deeply impacted, emotionally,
… are motivated to stop shopping for help, and actually pick up the phone and call.


3). They committed to building out their website the right way

This is the hardest lesson to learn: a beautiful home without a solid foundation won’t last long.

So, we kept the beauty of Lisa and Richard’s site, but we re-built the foundation in terms of site structure.

This allowed them to not only GET more site visitors, but it also allowed their potential clients to
… immediately feel the impact of their message
… to read more on the site about a particular pain or problem they had
… to know what to do next.

Now, if you want these kinds of results for your practice
…and you want to fix your practice building problem once and for all

you can book a call with my team here.

All you need…is to commit to treating your practice seriously.

That part must come from you.

We take care of the rest!

P.S. Lisa and Richard could have implemented the Roadmap, themselves. But, they decided to team with us to make sure that things got done the right way and as fast as possible. That is what our Smart Therapy Websites Program is all about. You can book a call here to see if it’s a fit.

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