What is the Smart Therapy Website Program (STWP)?

Have you procrastinated in building your counseling website or spent tons of time and money establishing an online presence that isn’t getting you new clients? Perhaps you have tried setting up your own site or you are using a friend who does design work, but you aren’t seeing the results you wanted. There are many great designers and content developers who, despite their expertise, don’t understand how to write relatable, optimized content or build counseling websites that effectively reach and convert potential therapy and coaching clients. Others provide therapist website templates that limit your ability to customize content in a way that will actually convert counseling site visitors into paying clients. Low cost, high quality website platforms like WordPress and SquareSpace make it easy to control the look of your site, but there are countless factors you should consider that impact your counseling website’s ability to reach and bring in clients.

Turning Website Ideas Into the Ideal Website

In your search for resources that can provide results, you may have attended our free webinars, watched our 3 Videos You Cannot Afford to Ignore and even memorized the 7 Essentials of Effective Therapy Sites. You’ve perused this and other counseling sites – you may have even found a therapist website template or design that you like – and now you are ready for the next step. That or you let someone else do all of that work first and just took their advice when they said that we know how to build and market counseling sites. In either case, CounselingWise will not only provide you with a beautiful effective website, but the guidance and support to maintain and continue growing your online presence.

Are You Ready For Our Smart Therapy Websites Program?

At CounselingWise, the Smart Therapy Websites Program is our signature offering. With your input, we build you a new website from the ground up, completely tailored to your practice.

So what do you get with our Smart Therapy Websites Program?

  • A dedicated project manager who will oversee your project and support you throughout the entire duration of your website creation process
  • New, modern and mobile-friendly therapy website design, including complete customization over hundreds of counseling website templates
  • Improved navigation to keep potential clients on your therapy website
  • Exclusive access to our Membership Area, containing extensive video training on each step of the therapy website development process
  • Specialized and fully SEO-optimized content based on keyword research
  • Trained writers to create content for you (if you want assistance) using our original 7-step marketing approach, proven effective in reaching and converting clients
  • Collaboration and customization on all aspects of your counseling site, from the therapist website template and design to navigation and even content
  • Satisfaction! (the feeling, not the song)
  • You can choose the photos, or have us choose them. (We tell you where to get them)
  • You can opt to offer a free report (highly recommended!) or decide not to.
  • You can have us prepare it, or prepare one yourself.
  • You can opt for blog-posting services (again, a great way to communicate your expertise), or you can opt not to.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices mentioned in the webinar are subject to change. Please refer to the specialty page for current pricing.

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Are You Ready to Have a Smart Therapy Website?

I recently had a conversation with Ann, who is a psychologist in New York City. She had been operating a website for some time, but it wasn’t attracting new clients. I looked at her website and in the first few seconds I could tell that her site wasn’t going to work. After eight years of talking to therapists and analyzing their counseling sites, it’s very easy for me to identify whether a website should succeed and why your online presence isn’t delivering the results you expected. Ann, like so many therapists, had found an easy, cheap and good-looking website that simply wasn’t working.

The truth is that low cost, ease of use and modern designs won’t matter if your website doesn’t help attract and convert potential clients. Ann had made one of the most common – and biggest – mistakes that a therapist can make when buying a website; she decided based on how easy it was to build the site herself, how nice it looked and how cheap she could get it.  One look at therapist and counseling sites or groups on LinkedIn or Facebook reveals just how many professionals are looking for an easy and inexpensive site-building solution. Yet, a majority of these individuals  never take the time to research what actually works when marketing a therapy practice online.

Would you buy anything else in the world because it was easy and cheap while totally ignoring whether or not it does what it should do? You wouldn’t buy a car that doesn’t drive, no matter how inexpensive it was or how good it looked. So, why would you make that decision for the website that is so pivotal to your practice and your success?

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t consider ease, aesthetics and cost, but only after you know that your site has what it needs to work. We are all professionals in the field of therapy, but many of us aren’t technical or marketing experts. As a result, you may easily make a choice based on the wrong criteria. We have all had this experience, but there is a smarter way to build a therapy website.

Who Benefits from a Smart Therapy Website?

Counseling sites serve as an introduction to potential clients, and they can be a powerful way to build rapport as individuals and couples consider contacting you for therapy services. If you are in a crowded market, a Smart Therapy Website can help you stand out from your competition and achieve the steady growth you’ve been searching for. You can identify why your website has returned such disappointing results and take steps to build a more effective online presence.

Or you may be in a small town or a very non-competitive niche market, and your site might still rank well if you just throw up something quick. But, you can still make an educated decision about how you build and market your website.

What is the Smart Therapy Websites Program (STWP)?

The STWP is a website marketing system that is being used by the biggest and most successful therapists in our field. It isn’t about being fast and easy so you can throw out a website and hope it works. Nor is it about putting up a five to ten page static site that looks “pretty” and that you can ignore once it is online.

It’s not about getting away without spending anything on your website, either. While there are plenty of therapists who have watched our webinars and implemented great counseling sites, a lot of people don’t have the knowledge, skills, time and patience it takes to build a successful website.

Four Tests All Counseling Sites Should Pass

Step 1: The One-Second Test

When someone visits your website, can they immediately see how you can help them? You want to show potential clients exactly where to go the moment they land on your site. This is usually done in or above the navigation bar in an area we call “above the fold” so individuals don’t have to scroll in order to find what they need.

As soon as a potential client comes to your website, they should see your specialties – anxiety treatment, depression treatment, couples counseling, etc. – in the navigation bar. Right away the client knows where to go for more information on their particular issue. Or, if you are in a large group practice or you offer a wide variety of specialties, you can layer your services so that you aren’t offering visitors an overwhelming number of options. For example, you may give clients a choice of Children, Teens, Adults and Couples. Then, within each category, you can provide access to more specific specialty pages.

You want your site to be clear and intuitive so people know where to go and stay engaged with your site.

Step 2: Specialty Pages

Do you have specialty pages that will attract potential clients and address their specific questions and concerns? Clients are looking for information that can help them understand and feel hopeful about their situation, and many won’t stick around to read a general page that covers everything you do. A specialty page allows you to go into detail on the issues your potential client is struggling with, and every word is directed toward his or her specific challenge.

To begin, you want your specialty pages to be long. The Google search engine considers page length with ranking websites, and you have a much higher chance of ranking on the first page of search results if you have 900 to 1,000 words. This also gives you the room you need to connect with your clients by mirroring their pain, normalizing their challenges and giving them that you can help. By responding to their doubts and fears, you can build rapport and increase the chances they will call to schedule a consultation or session.

Our 7-Point Marketing Message training course can help you learn how to write specialty pages, and it’s included in our Smart Therapy Website Program as well as any other work you do with us. We also offer access to our team of expert therapy writers if you would like help writing or editing your specialty pages.

Step 3: Blog Posts

Does your website have a blog? Blog posts benefit your site for two important reasons. First, they allow you to go deeper into issues that your clients may struggle with. For example, you may supplement a Child Counseling specialty page with blog posts about sibling rivalry or children with ADHD. All of these related blog posts can now be posted in locations where the right clients can find them, keeping them engaged with your website and your therapy approach.

Second, blog posts are the best way to grow your site’s “authority” and ranking. Google gives every website and every page an authority score, and the best way to grow your domain (website) authority – which helps your site rank – is to add pages to your site. And, the best way to add pages to your site is to add blog posts.

Step 4: Building a List

Are you maintaining a connection with potential clients? Building and nurturing a list of potential clients can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process if you have a system in place. The goal is to offer visitors a gift in the form of a free report, download, email course or quiz. Most individuals or couples will not call you or make an appointment based on the first visit to your counseling site. No matter how impacted they are or how smart and compassionate they think you are, it’s often too soon for them to feel comfortable reaching out for help.

By providing a compelling download or course  that is related to a specific specialty, you can get clients to sign up for your email list. For example, you may offer a free report or email course from your Child Counseling page on “5 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Behavior”. You can now send links to relevant blog posts and foster a connection until the client is ready to contact you for support.

How Does STWP Help You Attract Site Visitors and Convert Clients?

The strategic approach behind our Smart Therapy Websites Program allows you to reach and convert potential clients. But, how does it really help your practice grow? What does it look like from your client’s perspective?

Let’s say that a mom who is worried about her son or daughter’s behavior and impulse control. She isn’t sure if this it’s a major problem or something that will pass with time. As things get worse, she decides that she needs to find a way to help her child. So, she starts looking online, Googling terms like “child behavior problems,” “child impulse control” and “child counseling.”

On the first page of the Google results for counseling sites  is a link to your well-written and fully optimized page on Child Counseling. She clicks on your page and finds an easy-to-navigate website with exactly the information she was looking for. And, because you wrote a page that follows our 7-Point Marketing Message, you are able to reach her on a deeper and emotional level.

She sees her own fears and concerns mirrored back and she feels like your page was written specifically about her child. This concerned mother understands that you recognize her situation and that she is not alone in the challenges she is facing. You let her know that she doesn’t need to be ashamed about her child’s behavior and that many parents struggle to manage and connect with their children.

As she continues reading, she sees how you work with challenges like hers and starts to feel hopeful that counseling could be the solution she has been searching for. But, while she is feeling a little better now, she still has doubts. So, you address common fears or objections that she might have about child counseling – such as, “What if I’m just overreacting?” and “What if my child doesn’t want to go to therapy?”

You have made a strong impression, but the mother isn’t ready to make a decision or schedule an appointment just yet. Before she navigates away from your website, she sees that you provide a free download titled “5 Ways To Know If Your Child Need Counseling.” She enters her name and email, anxious to learn more information from this new, trusted source. She knows she doesn’t have to schedule anything or spend any money yet, and you have given her a low-risk step toward healing.

As she downloads the free report she happens to see that you wrote a blog post about “4 Ways You Can Address Sibling Rivalry.” She continues to engage with your website and finds a few pages she would like to discuss with her family, but they don’t seem interested and the issue is swept under the carpet.

Two weeks later, you send her a link to a new blog post about child struggles or the benefits of child counseling. She remembers that you are the child expert, and the next time her son or daughter begins to struggle she thinks about the hope you offer. To her, you are a child specialist and only a child specialist and, when she’s ready to make a move, you are the one she will call.

The truth is that only 2 percent of potential clients will call to make an appointment the first time they see your website. The other 98 percent need more communication and information from you before they will be ready to reach out for help. Our approach helps you convert clients months after they visit your site.

What Does It Take To Build A Website Using STWP?

We take a strategic approach to building therapy and counseling sites, tailoring your website to your specialties, client base and desired tone. By using our 7-Point Marketing Message and maintaining a blog and email list, you stay with potential clients throughout their process of finding and selecting a therapist.

Building a website can be a complicated process, especially if you don’t have someone to guide you. There are a lot of steps you can take, and when you do you are going to get more clients than 90 to 95 percent of the therapists in your city, town or area. You will stand out.

If you have the fortitude, knowledge, patience and time, you can build a successful website yourself. Or, you can take the easy way and use our Smart Therapy Websites Program.

Going Through Our Program

When you begin the program, we’ll assign a project manager and hold your kickoff meeting – usually by phone, though we can meet in our office if you are in the Boulder or general Metro area. From here, we walk through a variety of questions to help you choose determine your aesthetic tastes and choose the right site design for your practice.

While your counseling site’s layout is being implemented, we’re coaching you on how to write compelling and effective content. For those who are tired of writing, or those who don’t think they are good writers or don’t have time to write, we can do it for you. We interview you and write the specialty pages, free reports, blog posts, etc. for you, incorporating your desired content and tone.

In addition to helping you write, we provide search engine optimization (SEO) tailored to your niche, location and client base. There are a lot of companies out there that claim to offer SEO, but many misuse the term while others provide generalized SEO that is either ineffective or – in some cases – can seriously damage your site’s ranking. If you are considering a different company for SEO, we invite you to send us an example of one of their sites, and we’ll let you know if they can deliver the results they are claiming.

We can also help place additional content to your site if you would like to have audio recordings, video, appointment scheduling, a payment system or social media integration. Whatever you may want for your website, chances are we can help make it happen.

Finally, when your design and content are ready and approved, we prepare for your site’s launch and we go live.

What’s In The Member’s Area?

In the member’s area you will find 18 videos that cover the entire STWP process. If you would like, we can work with you to develop a strategy to grow your practice either locally or nationally. You may know before you begin exactly what services you would like to offer and how you want to grow. Alternately, you may not really know what your specialties are or you want to try a therapy or marketing approach that’s a little different from what you have seen elsewhere.

We prepare you for each step of the process before you get there. And, you have access to the member’s area for life, and we’re constantly updating it with new information and innovative marketing approaches.

Your core team will include your project manager, a developer and, of course, Becky DeGrossa, who oversees every project to help ensure you see results. And, with our group of expert graphic designers, writers and bloggers, we can help with all of your website needs.

The Timeline

We have a very specific process that we follow to help you build your online presence and grow your practice. If you would like, however, we can fast track your therapy site in two months. Or, if you needed, we can take our time and build your site over six months or more. Whatever timeline we work on, you only pay for the time you use.

The best part about the Smart Therapy Websites Program is that one new client can pay for all of the work we do together. You quickly earn back the money you invested and you finally have a site that you know is working.

Having a team around makes a huge difference in whether you’re successful, but this is a level of quality that you can’t get for $500. Our total website price will range between $2000 and $4000, depending on factors like site design, page count and extras you would like added to your site.

You control the costs throughout our work. We send communication checking in on your website once or twice each week to see how your writing and design are coming and work through any questions or concerns you may have. In some cases you may want increased communication and guidance as you go through the process. We’re happy to provide this level of support!

Finally, you should just know that the cost of your chosen website theme, photos and domain are your responsibility. All of those costs, however – except for the domain – are folded into this range.

How To Join The Smart Therapy Websites Program

If you are interested in joining our Smart Therapy Websites Program, you can sign up by clicking the button below:

Click here to pay ($700) via Paypal:



We also offer our no-risk guarantee. So if you decide you want to build a website with us and then you change your mind, we’ll provide a complete refund with no questions asked. That’s just how we roll. Or, if we have already started on your work and you decide not to continue because you won the lottery, we will refund your payment for any hours you have not used.

Most of our clients tell us that they wish they had joined our program sooner. Many have poured a lot of time and money into simple, inexpensive counseling sites. But, by doing it the right way now, you can stop worrying about your website and start taking new client calls.

We would love to work with you and we strongly urge you schedule a consultation call.

Many companies force you into fixed counseling website templates that may attract visitors but don’t help with converting visitors to clients. We work with you to put together a website that is setup correctly to build your practice.

Many therapists aren’t technical or marketing experts, and it is easy to be tempted by cheap counseling websites. The time and money you save while building your counseling site won’t matter if clients can’t find you or if your content doesn’t resonate with them.

Building effective counseling websites, just like treating clients, is about more than finding a fast, cheap answer. When you sign up for the Smart Therapy Websites Program with CounselingWise, you gain access to a team of experts who specialize in design, content development and SEO optimization specifically for coaching and counseling websites. Whether you want to completely overhaul your existing site or this is your first attempt to take your practice online, we can help you reach your goals in as little as two months.

We have built and upgraded hundreds of coaching and counseling websites, each with a different combination of specialties, modalities and priorities. There is a great deal of flexibility in therapy website design and the content you can provide to site visitors. We understand that, without a strategic and knowledgeable approach, the steps you can take may quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed. Which is why, like a support group or a really good insole, we’re there to help you through every step of the process.

  • Platform: Choose to design your site on SquareSpace or WordPress to help control costs, looks and ease of management. Each offers a wide range of customizable website templates, designs and practical tools to build and manage your online presence. Our project managers can help you identify the best option for your practice’s goals and budget.
  • Design: We recommend and customize website designs, font, format, size and color scheme, etc.
  • Content: You can choose to write the copy yourself rather than using one of our experienced writers. We can provide resources to help you write effective content, edit your completed drafts and/or assist you in uploading and optimizing new copy.
  • Photos: Choose the photos, or have us choose them. We tell you where to get them and help you find effective, relatable images.
  • Free Reports or other Opt-ins: You can choose to offer a free report or online quiz (highly recommended!) as a way to build a newsletter mailing list and build rapport with potential clients. You can have us prepare it, or prepare one yourself.
  • Blogging: You can opt for blog-posting services (again, a great way to communicate your expertise and provide meaningful content for clients). You can write your own blog posts or provide a list of topics and we can prepare the blog entries for you.



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Our Smart Therapy Websites Program—It’s a bright idea.

You need to communicate your expertise and build rapport with potential clients.

As you know, people don’t look things up in the Yellow Pages anymore. Someone may even tell you that you need therapy just for trying to find a phonebook, and that sort of irony just won’t do. Your clients may be referrals or they are searching Google for things like anxiety treatment. However potential clients find you, they will visit your website before they feel comfortable scheduling your services. In fact, 98 percent of potential clients view a provider’s content between 5 and 12 times before reaching out for an initial consultation. Building a strong, effective website is no longer just an option to consider when running your practice, but a necessity. If your website is not attracting clients and communicating your expertise as well as it could be, we can help!!

PLEASE NOTE: Most of our websites range in cost from $2000 – $4000. The initial payment for our Smart Therapy Websites Program is $700, which is a retainer that pays for the first 10+ hours of work, after which we bill you monthly.

Click here to pay ($700) via Paypal:


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(Refund Policy: Once the services have been performed, no refunds will be provided.)