Why You Need to Build an Email List to Grow Your Therapy Practice

Many therapists wonder why you need to build an email list to attract clients. It’s because of the 2% rule. But let me digress for a moment.

Suzy Was a Classic 80% Case

A client, let’s call her Suzy, called me the other day and told me that she had been on my email list for the last 6 months. Through my emails and free trainings, she had gradually come to know me better, to find me credible in what I was saying, and to get to the point where she was ready to ask for help. This is how most people buy. If she had not been on my list, and if I had not continued to show up in her inbox, she wouldn’t have called me this week.

Why exactly did Suzy come to me?

The Ah-Ha Moment

The first thing to realize is that people do not call and make appointments the first time they hear your name, see your website or hear you speak. In fact, get this: Only 2% of people buy on the first exposure! In addition, 80% of therapy clients come in after the 5th-12th exposure to you.

So, how are you going to make sure you get in front of these people at least 5 (if not more) times?


What is Educational Email Marketing?

Educational email marketing means sending valuable information to people on your email list on a regular basis. By sharing your knowledge and experience, you build credibility with your readers AND increase exposure. More exposure equates to a higher likelihood of converting them from an email subscriber to a client!

So how do you do this?

It no longer works to say, “Join My Newsletter List,” especially with the abundance of emails we get in our inbox on a daily basis.  Instead of asking someone to join your list, you need to offer something of value on your website to people so they are actually interested in getting on your email list. One of my biggest recommendations is creating a Free Report.

Give Away Knowledge to Build Credibility and Relationship

In our next blog post in this series, we will talk with you about how to grab the attention of potential clients and get them on your list by utilizing a Free Report.

Can you imagine never having to worry about your client load again? This is entirely possible, and easy to do.  Stay tuned for the next blog in this series to find out how.


Becky - You Need to Build an Email List

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