Coaching Call: Grow Your Therapy Practice by Providing Valuable Tips in a Free Report


The replay from May’s coaching call is below.


Providing valuable tips for free can help you grow your therapy practice

It may seem counterintuitive, but giving away valuable advice for free can help you become more successful. You gain credibility, but more importantly you establish a relationship with people who visit your site, and gain the trust.

Additionally, as promised, here are tips for formatting your free report:

Quick, Professional Report Formatting

When you offer a free report on your website, you want it to look professional.  But, you don’t need to pay someone a bunch of money for layout and design. I’m going to show you what I do to achieve just the right amount of polish with minimal time and expense.

The Body of the Report

Grow Your Therapy Practice

Most people use or have access to Microsoft Word, so I’m going to show you how to format the body of your report in Word.  (If you use Pages or another application, you can do something very similar there.)

The first thing to remember is to use titles and subtitles.  In my reports, I include the title of the report o n the first page, and then include subtitles throughout the report.  I try to keep the content under each subtitle fairly short, and I leave space before each subtitle.

Space on the page, and “chunks’ of content make a report much easier to read.

Next, I use a page border.  In my version of MS Word, I achieve this by using the page border function.  I click Layout, then Borders, then Page Border.  I can set the color and thickness of the line that borders the page.  In this example, I have a green border on the page.

The Cover of the Report

Grow Your Therapy Practice 5 secrets

The cover of your report should:

  • Be 3 Dimensional (see examples below)
  • Have a large font for the title so it’s readable on a computer display
  • Have colors that stand out on your site, yet don’t clash with your site.


You can get covers like this done for $5 at

I hope that helps you format your free report! Call me at 866-610-5601 if you need any more help understanding how to grow your therapy practice.

Take care,


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