How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas For Your Therapy Website

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How to Generate Blog Post Ideas

Our favorite way to generate blog post ideas is to write down common things you discuss with your clients. You can collect your ideas on a notepad, in a Word document – whatever you prefer – simply jot down the common things that you discuss with your clients.

These could be common problems, your favorite advice you like to share, common things your clients share with you, and your ideas on how to deal with them.

Example #1

Before Becky Degrossa became the owner of Counseling Wise, she had her own practice called The Center for Healthy Divorce.

A few common things she discussed with her clients were, “How do we navigate shared friendships?” People are getting a divorce and they’re going through a tough time, but if they have shared friends, it can be difficult to know how to navigate those shared friendships.

Also, “When do we tell the kids about the divorce,” and, “How do we tell the kids about the divorce?”

These questions would be very great blog post ideas; they’re common pains, common struggles that couples are going through.

Example #2

If you practice teen counseling, a possible blog post could be, “How to tell if your teen is depressed?” A lot of parents are probably wondering this, and if you have a blog post on your site about how to tell if your teen is depressed, they’re likely to stay there, read it, and get to know you a little bit more. If they do think that their teen is depressed, they’ll probably reach out to you because they read your blog post about it.

Another idea could be, “How to help your highly anxious teen.” Again, there are many parents out there that have highly anxious teens, and they really would benefit from reading this article and getting your expert advice.

Keep Track of All Your Ideas

You can see that all of these examples are things that you’re likely discussing with your clients on a day to day basis. Simply jot your ideas down – put them in your notebook or your marketing ideas document and use them to generate blog post ideas.

The things you talk about with your clients are the things that potential clients are going to really want to read. They’re real things that real people are experiencing and visitors to your website can greatly benefit from reading your blog posts.

If you want to learn more about blogging for your therapy website, be sure to check out our free report: The 7 Creative Ways to Get Ideas for Blog Post Topics.

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