How To Choose A Photo For Your About Page

How to Choose a Photo for About PageChoosing a photo for your ‘About Page’ can be a big decision. Unless a potential client has met you in the past, it will most likely be the first time they see an image of you, after all.

We have received many questions about how to choose the best photo for your About page. Because we know it is an important aspect of your website (and because we know how easy it is to choose a not-so-great photo), we are going to dive into the Do’s and Don’ts of choosing the best photo for your About page.

What NOT to Do When Choosing an About Page Photo

Lets start with the don’ts. We have seen many About page photos in our time — some of which are better than others. Below is a list of what NOT to do when choosing a photo for your About page:

  • Don’t use a selfie: Unless you’re a professional selfie taker, avoid using a selfie on your About page. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term ‘selfie’, a selfie is a photo that you took of yourself (either on your smartphone or with a camera). More times than not, these images do not end up turning out well. If you are trying to save by not hiring a professional photographer, ask a friend or family member to take the photo for you.
  • Don’t have a naked About page: Don’t leave your About page photo-less. A naked page is less personable than one with a photo of your smiling face. If your website doesn’t currently have a photo – don’t stress. Get a photo taken soon, and add it to your site.
  • Don’t use a glamour shot: While this may seem obvious, don’t use a glamour shot. Your photo should appear professional and reflect who you are as a person; not a glamorized version of yourself.
  • Don’t use a photo from OVER 5-10 years ago: Yes, I know. As we get older, we would prefer to use photos of our younger selves. But, we really recommend using a recent photo on your website. Why? Because if you have a photo of you when you are 30 on the website, and a client shows up to find out that you are really 60, they may feel mislead and lose trust in you.

What TO Do When Choosing an About Page Photo

Now that you know what not to do, lets take a look at what you should do when choosing an About page photo.

  • Invest in a professional photographer: If you can swing it, I recommend hiring a professional photographer. Having a person with a high quality camera and an overall knowledge of photography will benefit you, and your photos, greatly. They will be able to choose the best locations, position you for the best lighting, and edit the photos to your liking.
  • Choose a good location: Choose a location that expresses who you are, whether that be a beach, a forest, in your backyard, or even sitting in your office.
  • Good lighting: Make sure you take the photo in an area that has good lighting. You don’t want your photo to be too dark, especially to the point where your face is unrecognizable. You also don’t want the photo to be so bright that you are squinting your eyes. If you hire a professional photographer, he or she will be able to handle this. If you’re taking the photos yourself, “Google” lighting techniques for photography; or, just use your best judgment.
  • Use a high-resolution photo: Use a photo with a high enough resolution for the web. You don’t want your photo to appear blurry or unclear.
  • Express who you are in your photo: Expressing who you are is another important aspect of your photo. You want to express your expertise and professionalism, while also allowing your warmth and individuality to shine through. If your dog is a huge part of your life, include a photo of you and your dog. If you love horses, take your photo next to a beautiful horse. If you go to the beach every summer, take a photo at that beach. Expressing who you are in your photo will allow others to see you and know if they want to hire you as their therapist.
  • Above all else, just be yourself: Most importantly, be yourself in your photo. Your About page photo illustrates who you are as a person to anyone visiting your website, so just be yourself.

Our Number 1 Tip: When choosing a photo, think about what you would want to see if you were someone looking for a therapist. Put yourself in their shoes. If you doubt your photo, or want a second set of eyes, feel free to let us know — we’d be happy to help!

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