3 Reasons Why Your Private Practice Website Needs a Blog

I know you don’t like to blog. You think it’s a pain. I am going to tell you why your private practice website needs a blog.

There are lots of reasons why you’re reluctant. It’s time consuming. Perhaps you do not like to write, or consider yourself a poor writer. You don’t know what to blog about. You may think that blogging is not worth the effort. Perhaps the benefits of blogging have not been fully explained to you.

Here are three important reasons why your private practice website needs a blog

1. Blog to Serve Potential Clients
Let me share my personal story as a therapist. About 13 years ago, my 3-year-old daughter had dental surgery under general anesthesia. The procedure was deemed successful and she initially bounced back, feeling well. A week later, my daughter started having emotional problems and exhibiting behavior we had never seen in her. She couldn’t sleep, started having major temper tantrums and expressing lots of anger. Since she was also adopted; did the anesthesia trigger something inside her about her past, we wondered? The dentist was not helpful in providing an explanation. Was this a medical problem? A psychological problem?

I began an online search for an attachment or trauma therapist, but was frustrated to find that none of them provided any real INFORMATION that I could relate to. I could not find anything on any website that mirrored my experience, using a variety of all the search terms I could think of, including “medical/surgical trauma,” “attachment disorder,” and “reactions to general anesthesia,” to name a few. The information void was particularly noteworthy in that I live in Boulder, Colorado, where a huge number of psychotherapists reside. This drove home to me the lack of blogging and resources available to the public. I would have spent any amount of money or traveled anywhere to see a specialist who talked about working with the behavior my daughter was exhibiting, had one materialized, but instead we both missed out on an opportunity to benefit.

Fortunately, I did eventually find help for my daughter and she is doing fine, but this experience happens all the time to your potential clients. People look for something they can relate to, something that mirrors back their experience. The number one reason to blog? To give potential clients much sought after information. Don’t hold it to yourself. Put it out there! If you provide potential clients with information they are desperate to find, they will flock to you for your expertise.

2. Blog to Stand Out
A second reason blogging is important: It will serve your credibility and draw people to you. Probably more than 80% of therapists who have websites don’t blog. Blog regularly and you will stand out, and, as mentioned above, people who seek what you are offering will keep your appointment schedule full.

3. Blog to Attract More Potential Clients
The third reason it’s worthwhile to blog is that research statistics support it: Content is the new SEO (search engine optimization), and the most beneficial way to help with rank. In order to get people to see your site, you need to have content, and content will improve your website’s ranking. If you blog, it will attract visitors. Content brings lots of traffic. In addition to blogging, find out more about how you can attract more clients here.

Lately, I’ve been analyzing traffic to therapists’ websites. Where does it come from? Who stays the longest? What I’ve found, over and over again, is that therapists who blog get much more traffic to their websites than those who don’t.

Think about the story I shared. When I was trying to find a therapist to help my daughter, if something had been written about our situation, it would have pulled up at the top of Google. It would have attracted me to the website. I would have stayed for a long time reading and reading.

The reasons to blog, publicizing your value and experience to potential clients, are clearly worth the time investment. If you need help getting your blog going, let me know!

In the meantime, please contact us or comment below to let me know what your experience has been with blogging up until this point in your private practice marketing journey. Are you one of the few therapists who loves to blog, or have you resisted it up to this point?

Blogging is an essential part of creating a quality therapy site. Find out more about what every therapy site needs here.


Why Your Private Practice Website Needs a Blog

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