How To Get More Clients In Private Practice (Through Smart Marketing)

Are you trying to build your individual or group therapy practice, but have no idea how to attract new clients? Are you beginning to feel squeezed or hassled by insurance companies?

Are you feeling stressed by your lack of a marketing strategy and know that you need a stronger online presence, but have no idea where to get reliable, proven and effective help to grow your practice?

Getting more clients to your private practice means using smart marketing practices to increase your online presence.

Marketing for Therapists 101

Online marketing for therapists, counselors, and psychologists broadly covers 4 areas. These are the cornerstones that hold up a mental health private practice’s potential to attract clients. Each can work on its own, but they work best in tandem for practices that want to gain a lot of traction in their area.
1. Designing Your Website: all web marketing begins with a clean, crisp website that not only captures a practice’s tone but also attracts the potential clients that help therapists do what they do best: help people in need.
2. Google Ads: if you want to jumpstart your private practice’s digital presence there’s no faster route than Google Ads. Show up in Google for the terms that match you with the clients that match with your practice.
3. Blogs and Specialty Pages: the meat of any website is its written content. That includes both Specialty Pages, in which therapists share with potential clients their offerings, and blogs, where counselors expand upon their specialties.
4. SEO Analysis: then there’s the technical aspect of any website, and that’s SEO: search engine optimization. This is the blueprint that websites have to follow to maximize their ability to be seen on Google, and other search engines. Our 33-Point diagnostic point analyzes everything right and wrong with a private practice website.
While Counseling Wise can take care of all of the above, we also offer a 3.5-hour workshop to teach therapists and counselors smart marketing methods for their practice: the Fill Your Practice Training.

Private Practice Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Look into any of the above on its own and it’s easy to become confused and overwhelmed. There’s enough jargon in digital marketing to make it seem like the work of magicians.

But there are always a few therapists in every city who understand how to use online marketing to reach potential clients. While they continue to build their practices, everyone else struggles. Thankfully, with our help, that no longer has to be the case. You can become the therapist who has the website and strategy that works.

We pride ourselves on making digital marketing simple. We want to help therapists and counselors understand what does and doesn’t work to help their practice get seen, and why.
“Becky is a master at helping therapists understand how to accomplish big things in small steps. When I met Becky I was intimidated by technology and websites, marketing, newsletters, and article writing. My work with Becky has resulted in a website and marketing plan that I am proud of, and that is fully integrated into my practice. Becky understands the concerns and needs of clients as well; she was great at cutting through psychological jargon so that potential clients could immediately connect with what I had to offer.”
Kathy Naman
MA, LPC, Boulder, CO
"When I ordered my Scorecard, I was concerned that I would be overwhelmed by the results. While my Scorecard feedback was extensive, it was super helpful and communicated in a way that was meant to help and teach for growth, rather than overwhelm and be demeaning to what I already have in place. I learned that my site could be structured better and more fine-tuned to attract more traffic, and client leads. Becky and her team were fantastic, and I look forward to working further with them."
Timothy J. Walsh, Jr.
We believe in therapy and its positive impacts on individuals, families, and communities. And, we have a foundational understanding of how to market therapists and the ability to translate and apply that understanding into rapidly changing technological world. You know psychology. We know the business.

But, you still may have questions or concerns…

I don’t want to or have the time to learn all this. It seems like I need a PhD in online marketing to be successful.

The beauty of our company is that you can choose to do most of the work or none of the work yourself. If you’re a hands-on person, we can teach you to be really efficient so you don’t waste time trying platforms and strategies that don’t work. Alternatively, if time and lack of interest are issues for you, we can do it all. And, guess what? It works.

I recognize that I need help to grow my practice, but I’m concerned about marketing costs.

We have worked with many clients who have wasted thousands of dollars working with other companies or trying to market themselves. They eventually came to us, we fixed the problems, and they’re now successfully attracting new clients every month.

I cannot stress how much money can be saved by developing an effective marketing system the first time. I invite you to call me for a free consult. We can discuss your specific marketing needs and I can offer some helpful advice. We can also discuss your budget, and I can give you a good idea of what to expect your online marketing system will cost.

Why all this focus on online marketing? Don’t traditional marketing methods still work?

Traditional marketing methods and word of mouth can still attract new clients, but they can be greatly enhanced when you have a strong, solid and effective website. So where do you begin? Click here to learn what makes therapist websites effective. Or kick back with a bowl of popcorn and a notepad and watch these 3 Therapy Marketing Videos that you cannot afford to ignore.

Private Practice Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Ready to boost your marketing to get your private practice in front of the potential clients you can help? Head to Our Offerings page or Contact Us and we’ll figure out how we can best work together!

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