You probably know that a website can make or break your practice. 

But do you know what it takes to create an effective therapist website? 

We’ll help you get there, and teach you along the way.

You Are A Good Therapist. Why Isn’t Anyone Calling You?

You are an expert in your specialty and understand your potential clients. But, you have no idea how to use your website to get them into your office, right? How can you help people who don’t know you exist?

Many therapists – even ones who are tech-savvy – struggle to figure out a way to use the Internet to connect with potential clients. Becky struggled at first, too, but over time she developed a marketing strategy that combined her technical background and love of problem solving with a solid understanding of how to market her practice to the clients she wanted to attract. Her new strategy worked. Her practice exploded and she became financially successful very quickly. Now CounselingWise helps people like you create therapist websites that work.

Don’t Let Technology Bog You Down.

Are you serious about growing your practice, but have little to no idea how to improve your online presence and best market yourself or your group practice? Are you overwhelmed with all the online marketing options and questioning what really works or who to trust? Are you confused by social media, wonder if blogs really are effective or feel intimidated by the immensity and mind-spinning pace of modern technology? Do you often think about how much happier and relaxed you’d be if you could find someone to help you develop a website that really brings clients in? Well now you have.

Build A Bridge to Potential Clients.

If you really want potential clients to know what you do, we can build the online bridge that will link them to you. Doing so will be much easier than you may now think. We understand therapists and what is unique about the therapy industry. We understand the importance of building relationships and communicating effectively. We believe in therapy and its positive impacts on individuals, families and communities. We can build that bridge.

Complete Marketing Support

At CounselingWise, we’ll take the time to get to know you, your practice and your specific needs. Each practice is unique, and we’ll communicate your experience and innate skills in a new platform with innovation, creativity and confidence. You’ll have our team of 20+ experts working for you – with you – to develop a strategy that really works. And, we make it easy. There is nothing complicated to learn on your part – we’ll do the heavy lifting. But, you’ll understand your new system and have a marketing strategy and website that is manageable, workable and effective. We are a team of direct, down-to-earth and hard working communications experts who can provide you with strategy, website development, coaching and training. We’re always available for questions and to offer support. And, we’ll share the latest, proven technologies. We are your total marketing support system.

Tailored Marketing Plans

We have worked with many clients who have wasted thousands of dollars working with other companies or trying to market themselves. They eventually came to us, we fixed the problems, and they’re now successfully attracting new clients every month, making it worth every penny of investment. We cannot stress how much money can be saved by developing an effective marketing system the first time. We can discuss your specific marketing needs and offer some helpful advice. We can also discuss your budget, and we can give you a good idea of what your online marketing system will cost. Feel free to schedule a free consult with us.

Headache-free Flexibility

 The beauty of our company is that you can choose to do most of the work or none of the work yourself. If you’re a hands-on person, we can teach you to be really efficient so you don’t waste time trying platforms and strategies that don’t work. Alternatively, if time and lack of interest are issues for you, we can do it all. And guess what? It works.

Work with a company that gets it.

This is a very valid concern. What CounselingWise offers is different than all the other companies out there, and here’s why: Becky is trained as a therapist, worked as a therapist, and understands the unique challenges of marketing therapy practices. Since 2007, we have been building websites for therapists and strategizing and helping our clients successfully find and market to their potential clients. We are accountable, available and won’t disappear and leave you to navigate the ever-changing technology-driven world on your own.

Let’s talk to see if we’re a fit for your practice.

Expert strategy and support.

Web development and SEO.

A clear toolkit for private practice marketing.

Flexibility and collaboration to build the site you want.

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