Why You Need an Interactive Quiz on Your Therapy Website


As I’m sure you can imagine, we work with website functionality, plugins, colors, and layouts for therapy websites day in and day out. One thing we love is working with new, creative website additions.

One of those new additions is interactive quizzes — something we have been working with more and more with our clients.

What are Interactive Quizzes?

An interactive quiz is just that — an online quiz that you can embed on your website for site visitors to take.

With most interactive quiz plugins, you can create the entire quiz from top to bottom, including the questions, answers, and ‘scoring’ system. This allows you to determine what you want the quiz to be about and determine the result options for those taking the test.

One of the WordPress plugins we have used — Quiz Master Next — also allows for multiple integrations, with their upgraded versions. This allows you to integrate the plugin with your autoresponder, along with various other perks.

Interactive quizzes seem to be growing in popularity for therapy websites, so today we are going to share why you need an interactive quiz on your therapy website.

Why You Need An Interactive Quiz on Your Therapy Website 

Interactive Quizzes Can Help With Your Rankings

While the main goal of your website is to turn site visitors into clients (with the help of the 5 things your therapist website needs), getting your website ranked well in the search engines is also important. Ranking closer to page 1 makes is much more likely that the people looking for you will find you.

Interactive quizzes are a great way to help increase your rankings in the search engines.

Lets think about this: Say Lucy is struggling with her marriage and searches for a couples therapist in Austin, Texas. If she lands on your website, she should realize within 1-2 seconds what page to go to to help with her specific issue (remember my 1 second rule I talked about last week?). Once she lands on your couples therapy page, she will see your compelling copy and see an interactive quiz you have in the sidebar titled ‘Is Your Marriage in Really Trouble?’, for example.

Because Lucy is struggling in her marriage, she is curious to know if it really is in trouble.

At this point, she doesn’t feel like she should talk to her partner about counseling, and isn’t ready to call you, but she is curious to know whether or not she should be concerned. So, she takes the quiz.

At this point, Lucy has already spent more time on your website that she would have otherwise. She has most likely read through your content, and started taking the interactive quiz. Naturally, going through the quiz will take some time, so Lucy ends up spending quite a bit of time on your site.

Because Lucy has spent time on your site, interacted with the quiz, went deeper into the content, and didn’t bounce upon arrival to the page (or shortly there after), it’s evident that there is something of value on your site. To the search engines, this is a great sign of a quality website, and they will increase your rankings accordingly.

Its a win-win! You have a potential new clients who now views you as an expert, and your rankings increase — all with the help of an interactive quiz.

Interactive Quizzes Allow People to Measure How They ‘Stack Up’

If you think of a brand that has uses quizzes to increase their business, Cosmopolitan Magazine probably comes to mind.

Cosmopolitan Magazine has used quizzes in their magazines for years. But, why?

People love the idea of knowing ‘how they stack up’ to the norm. Quizzes with a scoring system at the end allow us to do just that – see how we measure up. This is another reason why people love interactive quizzes online.

Lets go back to Lucy.

Lucy has friends who have struggled in their marriages from time to time, none of which have ended in a breakup. She has talked about her issues with these friends, but she still doesn’t know if she is different. So, when she comes across the quiz on your website about marriage, she is drawn to go through and see how she measures up. Will the quiz results tell her that her issues are just normal ups and downs? The idea of seeing how her relationship compares to “normal” marriages is intriguing, causing her to take the quiz.

Interactive Quizzes Help Grow Your List  

After taking a quiz, its natural for us to want to read through our results — most likely more than once.

For this very reason, interactive quizzes are a great way to grow your list. Because people want to get their full results in some printed form (i.e. an email or printable PDF), they are more than willing to give you their name and email address. Like with free reports, interactive quizzes are a great way to capture a potential clients email address and market to them in the future.

In Lucy’s case, she just happened to find your website while sitting at her children’s swim practice. As soon as she finished the quiz, class was over and she was being pulled in twenty different directions, as most parents are. Because she didn’t have a chance to read through the results, Lucy entered her name and email address so the results will be delivered to her inbox. That way, she will have a chance to read (and re-read) her results on her own time.

In our fast paced days, having this information sent via email is even more valuable. If you’re anything like me, you are running 100 miles an hour all day long, and don’t have to time to read through something in detail without carving out some time. By including the opportunity to have the results of the quiz delivered to your inbox, you not only provide a service, but you have also captured their email address.

Example of an Interactive Quiz

One of our clients was kind enough to let us share with you her interactive quizzes, or what she calls ‘Self Tests.’ Head over to addictioncounselingleesburg.com and see how Rochna is using interactive clients to grow her practice.

One thing you will notice about the quiz results from Rochna’s various quizzes, is that she has added a disclaimer to clarify that the quiz results are NOT a diagnosis. If you add a quiz to your site, you will want to include a similar disclaimer.

How to Add an Interactive Quiz to your Website

If you want to add an interactive quiz to your WordPress website, we recommend checking out Quiz Master Next, as we have found it to work well. A simple Google search should also show various other quiz plugins or website add-ons, depending on your Website platform.

If you would like any assistance adding a quiz to your website, shoot us an email! We are more than happy to help.

What do you think of interactive quizzes? Would you add one to your therapy website? Let us know in the comments below!




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