What You Should be Blogging About on Your Therapy Website

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Have you ever wondered what to blog about on your private practice website?

I’m going to teach you what you should be blogging about, and share some useful examples too.

What Should You be Blogging About?

You should be blogging about the subsets of your specialties.

For example, let’s say you practice couples therapy and depression treatment; you should be blogging about issues related to couples therapy and depression.

Think about the most common things people come into your office for, or subsets of those issues – those are going to be the things that we recommend you blog about. These are things that will keep people on your website, keep your potential clients interested in your services, and hopefully turn some of those potential clients into real clients that come through your door.

For a second example, let’s say you work with specifically with couples. Some great things you could blog about are: parenting disagreements; financial disagreements; communications issues; and intimacy issues. These are all common things that people struggle with when they’re coming to counseling for couples therapy. Those are all considered subsets of the main issue of couples issues.

For a third example, let’s say you treat depression. You could blog about how medication and therapy can work together; how to sleep at night when you’re depressed; how to get up in the morning to go to work when you’re depressed; and problems with maintaining relationships.

Again, think of all the common things that your current patients struggle with when you’re trying to come up with your blog post ideas. Blog about the things that are commonly associated with your specialties and what people are sharing with you when they come into your office.

If you want to learn more about blogging for your therapy website, be sure to check out our free report: The 7 Creative Ways to Get Ideas for Blog Post Topics.

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