Using Infographics to Promote Your Therapy Practice – Step 1: Research

Have you heard that Infographics are helpful in promoting your practice?

They can be extremely helpful, but only if you understand how they work. Surely, having a nicely designed graphic on your website that clients find helpful won’t hurt. However, the key to success with Infographics is in getting them SHARED. And that means getting them tweeted (Twitter), liked (Facebook), pinned (Pinterest), and posted (website).

If Infographics aren’t shared online, then they’re really no more helpful than a good article on your website (that hardly gets read).

So… how can you create an Infographic that gets shared?

Putting a so-so infographic on infographic sharing sites, pinning it on Pinterest and sharing it Facebook will get you some action, but not much. The key is in thinking upfront about what makes people want to share things.

Ultimately, Infographics will help the most if they bring you both traffic and inks.

Social and referral traffic will come if the graphic is really good (and if enough people see it).

But links? Who will put that on their site?

Look at what has been successful in your niche, already:

1. Type in Infographic and “your keyword” to find Infographics. Then, look at them and see if they’re appropriate for your audience.

2. Capture the title of the Infographic.

3. Type the Infographic title into Google in quotes to see how many websites included it, and also WHO included it.

Tune in Next Week for the Next Post on Researching Your Infographic

I’ll help you further refine your ideas in the next post about Infographics.

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