(Too) Savvy Therapists Getting Hit by Google

I’ve seen a handful of new cases this week of therapist websites that either have been hit by Google or are at risk of getting hit.

One new client showed us what happened to all her efforts – seemingly due to the Penguin algorithm changes.

(Check this out for your own site by going to Semrush.com and typing in your site name.)

And, I just got a phone call from a psychologist who has been WILDLY successful online (he has a local practice with nearly 2000 visits per month).  Having been hacked in the past, he’s already felt the effects to his practice of his site being harmed.  He was worried about all the Google changes and gave me a call.  Sure enough, I did “The Red Pen Test” on his site, and he’s way over-optimized – a sitting duck for Google’s guns.

If you’re somewhat tech savvy, to the point of possibly having over-optimized your own site, you might want to do the Red Pen Test on your site, just to make sure you don’t have a problem.

If you’re concerned, but don’t feel equipped to do the analysis yourself, let us know.  We can do it for you under our consulting agreement.

Take care… and keep your site clean!

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