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Looking for an EHR platform that’s right for your practice? TherapyNotes is a popular service with behavioral health practitioners, thanks to the specialized templates and intuitive user-interface.

But is TherapyNotes the right service for you? As a smaller platform, TherapyNotes can offer many benefits, but it does lack the flexibility of other EHR services. In this review, we’ve looked closely at what TherapyNotes has to offer, to see if its simplicity is a benefit or a disadvantage.

What Is TherapyNotes?

TherapyNotes is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform aimed primarily at behavioral health practitioners. Cloud-based, it has several notable features such as scheduling, billing, and documentation to make it a complete platform for private practice administration.

Known for excellent customer service and an easy-to-use interface, TherapyNotes is a popular choice for small to medium-sized private practices. TherapyNotes has been used by over 75,000 customers, but it isn’t close to being the largest EHR platform around.

There are benefits to this: the excellent TherapyNotes customer service is an obvious one. However, as a smaller platform, TherapyNotes lacks some of the advanced features you might find elsewhere.

TherapyNotes has been created primarily for behavioral health, and several of the features are aimed at this specialty. Because of this, it won’t be the right solution for all medical practices.

However, the plans and notes aimed specifically at mental health clinicians are excellent, even if they lack some flexibility.

Overall, TherapyNotes initially appears to be a simple EHR platform. And while it lacks the flexibility and advancement of larger services, it’s an excellent option for small to medium-size private mental health practices.

You’ll find a personalized service with impressive customer support, and intuitive operating solutions.


  • TherapyNotes hosts a range of electronic records and notes, designed primarily for behavioral health.
  • A clean interface makes TherapyNotes intuitive to use.
  • A fully-integrated scheduling system, including mobile calendar sync, personal to-do list, and automated client appointment reminders.
  • The robust billing system includes Real Time Eligibility reports, supporting nearly 900 insurance payers and auto-generated insurance claims.
  • Linked to TherapyPortal patient portal, for better communication between clinician and client.
    An excellent customer service record.


  • A smaller platform, TherapyNotes lacks the advanced features of other EHR services.
  • TherapyNotes has minimal customization, and little flexibility.
  • Scaling up is difficult, as this platform is aimed primarily at small to medium-sized practices.

Benefits And Key Features Of TherapyNotes

We’ll start by taking a look at the key features offered by TherapyNotes, and how they can benefit your private practice.

Client Intake

Things can get off to a good start with TherapyNotes, as the client intake form is clear, detailed, and easy-to-use.

Once filled in, the client can be added to the system, and you have access to their records as needed. Client intake forms can also be quickly updated, keeping information in a single place as you begin to organize appointments.

Specialized Electronic Records

As you might expect from a service called TherapyNotes, note-taking and record making are a key benefit to the service. Stored in a secure document library, you have access to all your internal documents from a paperless central location.

TherapyNotes uses form-based templates for efficient note-taking. These templates were designed after hours of research, and optimized for use by psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and similar.

This is a benefit compared to other EHR services, which can rely on generic documentation.

The TherapyNotes forms are designed for speedy use. All note templates are built with searchable diagnostic codes from the DSM-5, and use a mental health spellcheck.

This helps to ensure little errors don’t slow down your treatment. The quick history review keeps continuity between notes, and prevents endless referencing.

There are some issues with the note templates, primarily a lack of flexibility. We’ll cover that in more detail below.

Billing And Insurance

TherapyNotes is designed for working private practices, and the billing and insurance software can ease payment processing.

Real Time Eligibility supports roughly 900 insurance payers, to provide you with detailed information regarding insurance coverage before the first session even starts.

And with just one click, TherapyNotes is able to pull insurance information from your records, to instantly generate claims. Which you can then track from within your TherapyNotes portal.

For clients, TherapyNotes offers various payment methods, including credit card, debit card, and HSA/FSA. Quick clearance ensures you get the payment faster.

Customer Service

One of the stand-out features of TherapyNotes is the impressive customer service team. This is where you can really see the benefit of using a smaller platform. Help is quick and responsive, so you can deal with a problem before it slows you down.

The TherapyNotes customer service team are available throughout the week, from 8am to 9pm(EST) on weekdays, and 8am to 4pm (EST) on weekends. Customer service is available via phone and email.

Two people, a therapist explaining the purposes of Therapy Notes to another person.


A good EHR platform can add necessary security to your private practice, and TherapyNotes offers a robust security package.

TherapyNotes uses HIPAA compliant software, ensuring your records are always protected. TherapyNotes also uses FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption, and routine backup and disaster recovery, to keep information safeguarded.

User Interface

For small practices, one of the major benefits of TherapyNotes is that you can start to use it quickly. As there are limited customizations, TherapyNotes is essentially ready to go within minutes, and the clear interface is intuitive to navigate.


TherapyNotes offers basic reporting, helping you better understand the health and finances of your practice.

The reporting allows you to track revenue from insurance and client payments, monitor both adjustments and write-offs, and track clinician productivity. Although these aren’t the most complex of reporting tools, they are useful, and can be used to improve billing and insurance.


TherapyNotes have introduced a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform to the EHR software. This is a secure service, allowing you to conduct one-to-one appointments with clients from the TherapyNotes portal.

The telehealth service is continuously evolving. TherapyNotes recently added screen sharing, which greatly improves the functionality of the service. Currently, there is no option for group telehealth, but hopefully this will be a future addition.

TherapyPortal Patient Portal

An EH platform needs to provide for both the clinician and the client.

TherapyNotes patient portal—TherapyPortal—offers improved communication between client and patient. You can tailor the portal workflow to suit your needs, while customization ensures the portal matches your brand.

Clients are able to see your availability, and schedule their own appointments. You can then accept, decline, or reschedule with just the click of a button.


TherapyNotes is an affordable EHR platform, although it does lose some affordability as you begin to scale up. While the basic platform is well priced, there are some frustrating extra charges, such as $0.14 for every text appointment reminder.

Non-profit clinicians are offered discounted rates.

Disadvantages Of TherapyNotes

There are some inherent limitations to TherapyNotes, which can affect how the platform will function for you and your practice. Below, we’ve covered these disadvantages.


TherapyNotes is best used by small- to medium-sized practices. This means for smaller practices, the service is personal, and easy to navigate.

However, if the business grows, then TherapyNotes might not be able to keep up. Adding clinicians can greatly increase the base price, quickly changing the service from affordable to expensive.

Plus, the lack of customizations will feel noticeable as the practice expands. If you wanted to offer your clients additional services, you might need to switch systems.


TherapyNotes offers minimal levels of customization, and the service has little flexibility. This is particularly stark when compared with other EHR platforms, such as Praxis EMR, that provide an almost completely customizable platform.

For smaller practices, the lack of customization can actually feel like a benefit—it’s so easy to learn the system. However, if the forms don’t quite suit your needs, then you’re out of luck.


TherapyNotes is designed as an EHR service for behavioral health. Combined with the lack of customizations, this makes it a platform with limited adaptability.

If you work outside therapy and mental health, TherapyNotes won’t have the services you need.

Does TherapyNotes Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, TherapyNotes does offer a free trial. Interested parties can request a demonstration of the service, and a 30-day free trial. This is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with TherapyNotes.

Is TherapyNotes Right For Your Business?

TherapyNotes is a cloud-based EHR service, best for small to medium sized practices with a focus on behavioral health.

The platform is affordable and easy to use, with time-saving note services for therapists. With scheduling and billing, plus a handy client portal, TherapyNotes provides an intuitive EHR platform with an excellent customer service record.

However, TherapyNotes is a smaller platform, with limited flexibility. If you’re looking to scale up, TherapyNotes might not be able to keep up. And as a service aimed primarily at behavioral health, clinics outside the scope of therapy will be better off looking for more inclusive services.

TherapyNotes has a limited range, but if you fall within its scope, the overall service is excellent.

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