Theranest Vs SimplePractice

Business management software has become an essential tool for a successful therapy practice. These services take the day-to-day administration out of your hands, allowing you to focus more on the client and less on the paperwork.

By automating services and moving client interactions to a central hub, business management software can benefit both therapists and their clients.

TheraNest and SimplePractice are two leaders in business management software for mental health practices. In this guide, we’ll explore which is the right tool for you.

About TheraNest

Designed by therapists for therapists, TheraNest is a business management solution for Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals. A complete platform, TheraNest allows patients and clients to communicate securely, schedule appointments, and even make payments.

Known for its customization options, TheraNest is a complex platform that can take some time to get used to. But once you’ve had a chance to familiarize yourself with how TheraNest works, a world of possibilities opens up.

This is an excellent platform for a smaller practice that is looking to maximize workflow.

TheraNest is part of the Therapy Brands service, which also operates practice management solutions for other healthcare fields.

About SimplePractice

SimplePractice is one of the biggest names in practice management, a popular service known for its ease of use and customizable options.

An expansive service, SimplePractice offers robust features for both clients and therapists, allowing larger practices to streamline their workflow.

SimplePractice is a diverse tool, and the easy interface should appeal to anyone who wants to take control of their practice with minimal disruption.

The varying price plans allow you to choose a level of service that meets your needs, while the 30-day free trial provides an opportunity to explore the system.

Similarities And Differences Between TheraNest And Simple Practice

TheraNest and SimplePractice are both designed to perform the same function—help therapists with the day-to-day management of their practice.

There are plenty of similar features, which means the differences are all the more critical for deciding which practice management tool is right for you.


A good business management tool takes care of scheduling, so you don’t have to play phone tag with your clients. TheraNest and SimplePractice offer comparable scheduling capabilities.

Both allow you to create a calendar of your availability that clients can access so they can quickly book, cancel, or reschedule appointments.

TheraNest and SimplePractice also offer appointment reminders, which you can customize to suit your needs. Both platforms also allow for email, text messaging, and voice call reminders.


Customization is key to both the TheraNest and SimplePractice form templates. Both platforms offer a large template library to be adapted for your use, with numerous customizations ensuring every form is specific to your needs.

Both TheraNest and SimplePractice offer Wiley Treatment Planners Integration as an add-on.

Theranest Vs SimplePractice


As more and more healthcare services move online, it’s essential to find communication solutions that protect patient confidentiality. TheraNest and SimplePractice both come with built-in HIPAA-compliant messaging platforms.

This provides a secure line of communication between the patient and therapist, integrated into the basic business management platform for ease of use.

There’s little to choose between the messaging services, although the built-in document upload of TheraNest is a nice bonus.

Client Portal

The robust client portal of SimplePractice allows clients to access their documents, manage appointments, and respond to messages. The client portal is streamlined and easy-to-use, and accessible from both an iOS app and a desktop.

TheraNest has an equally robust client portal, with billing, forms and questionnaires, and scheduling.

While both platforms offer a complete client portal, users generally agree that the SimplePractice interface is slightly easier to navigate.

Payment And Billing

Gone are the days when you’d take a check at the end of an appointment. TheraNest and SimplePractice both provide online billing and payment services, allowing clients to quickly make payments. Both services also offer insurance billing as an add-on.

SimpleHealth charges slightly more per credit card payment, but their auto-pay services are superior.

Analytics And Reporting

Analytics and reporting can be an overlooked feature of business management software, but they can really transform your practice. By analyzing your client load, intake, client outcomes, and billing reports, these analytics can show you the steps to take to improve your practice.

Both SimplePractice and TheraNest offer an analytics and reporting service. The user-friendly SimplePractice interface has a small advantage, but the in-depth reporting of TheraNest can be used to grow your practice.


TheraNest and SimplePractice structure their pricing plans differently, which makes it hard to provide a direct comparison. TheraNest prices per active client, with the cost increasing as the practice grows. Some add-ons can also be purchased for a more robust service.

SimplePractice offers different pricing plans based on the completeness of the service. The Starter package offers limited features at a low price, or you can add more features for an improved plan. There are add-ons available for each plan.

Overall, TheraNest typically works out more cost-effective for a small practice, while SimplePractice is better priced for larger practices.

Both services offer a free trial. The SimplePractice free trial period is longer, but you can still get a decent idea of TheraNest features before you have to pay.

Ease Of Use

There are many similarities between TheraNest and SimplePractice, which is why ease of use is a surprisingly important feature.

SimplePractice is the winner when it comes to ease of use, although it’s worth noting the customizable options take some time to get comfortable with. TheraNest does offer a training service to familiarize yourself with the options but prepare for a bit of a learning curve.

Final Thoughts: TheraNest Vs SimplePractice — Which Is Better?

Overall, the best way to choose your business management software might be by the size of your practice. SimplePractice works out more cost-efficient for larger practices, while TheraNest is better if you have less than 30 clients.

TheraNest and SimplePractice both have a diverse range of features that can streamline day-to-day running. But neither platform is perfect. A free trial period can be a good way to familiarize yourself with the services, and see what works for you.

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