Sales Funnels and Your Therapy Website; What You Need to Know

You’ve spent years studying and practicing therapy, building a strong reputation and valuable set of skills. Now, you’re seeking clients who will fit your business well. As a therapist, you desire clients who are serious about their therapy and are consistent in their visits. Finding out how to reach those clients requires a keen understanding of your business sales techniques.

Sales technique and therapy are two concepts that might seem strange partners. However, understanding how to engage and sell yourself to a client is essential for growing your business in the right direction. Sales funnels is one technique that many therapists are turning to for help in the process of recruitment.

What are sales funnels?

“Sales funnels” is a strange term that many people have never even heard of. At a glance you might think that the name itself sounds complicated and too technical to use. However, sales funnels are actually fairly simple systems.

In essence, sales funnels are a series of steps that take a client to find you. That’s it. For example, when a client first sits down and decides that they are looking for a therapist is a commons funnel start point. It begins at the the top of the funnel where the client first becomes aware of their needs. And the funnel ends at the bottom—where they find you.

Let’s think about this process from the client’s perspective. If a client decides he or she needs to find a therapist, they are going to consider many factors: cost, distance, and therapy specialties to name a few. In addition, they’ll want someone that they feel comfortable with and with whom they can build trust.

Their journey to find you—the therapist who offers them all of these items—is the funnel.

How are sales funnels valuable to therapy websites?

Understanding how potential clients search for therapists is crucial for gaining a strong clientele. Utilizing sales funnels optimally gets you noticed faster and by more potential clients. How? Well, sales funnels establish trust before the first visit, encouraging a more successful long-term relationship between you and your new client.

How is trust actually built? Through the steps you take to market your services. Having a website, for example, with a blog or video lessons, and offering discounts to first time visits are two ways that engage clients and build trust between yourself and the potential client. If a client’s major concern is cost, your discount might catch that client’s attention over the handful of other therapists they are considering.

Likewise, if a client is wary about the process, or wants to guarantee that the therapist is qualified, valuable information on your site will provide reassurance. The client will feel more convinced of your knowledge and get a better taste of what working with you will be like.

How to make the most out of your sales funnels.

Every therapist is different, so naturally every sales funnel will be unique to the therapist using it. Your sales funnel should reflect your therapy practice and the values that surround your business. Ask yourself, what is the goal of your therapy business?

Creating your sales funnel starts with you and the qualities you bring to it. Start by researching more about sales funnels and how to use them effectively. We recommend checking out  to learn more. You’ve already successfully learned how to be the best therapist for your clients, now let your sales funnel highlight that success for others to see!


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