New York Psychologist License: How To Get Yours

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Are you interested in practicing psychology in New York? The New York State Education Department requires all practicing psychiatrists to hold a license, issued by the department.

To apply for a psychologist license in New York, you’re required to complete certain educational, experience, and examination standards. In this guide, we’ve covered the steps to follow to receive a New York psychologist license.

Applying For A New York Psychologist License

Psychologists who wish to practice in New York must receive a license from the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

To receive this license, you must pass certain educational requirements, and complete a set number of supervised experience hours. New York State also requires all applicants to be over 21 years of age, and to demonstrate good moral character.

Having received your license, it will need to be periodically renewed. To renew your license in New York, you must complete a set number of continuing education hours.

Steps To Follow For A New York Psychologist License

To qualify for a psychologist’s license in New York State, there are several steps that must be completed.

  • Complete a bachelor’s degree, and an (optional) master’s degree. You aren’t required to major in psychology, but if you choose another major, you will probably need to complete further prerequisites before starting a doctoral degree.
  • Complete a doctoral degree in psychology. The doctoral degree can be a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), or a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD). During this degree, you can complete up to 1,750 hours of supervised experience.
  • Apply for a Limited Permit. To qualify as a licensed psychologist in New York, you must complete a set number of supervised working hours. To do this, you need a Limited Permit from the Office of Professions. This permit lasts for one year, but it can be extended for an additional two years.
  • Complete 3,500 hours of supervised experience in your chosen area. 3,500 hours is equivalent to two years of full-time experience (1,750 hours per year). Up to 1,750 of these hours can be completed in education. The rest must be completed after you’ve received your degree.
  • Pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP). New York State requires applicants to pass EPPP Part 1 – Knowledge, with a score of 75% or above. You can take the exam up to 4 times a year.
  • Apply for your license. Upon successfully completing the education, experience, and examination requirements, you can apply for your license in New York.

There are three key phases to licensing in New York: education, experience, and examination. With these completed to a satisfactory degree, you can apply for your license from the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

You will need to provide proof that you have successfully completed all the requirements before you receive your license.

Applicants Licensed In Another Jurisdiction

If you are already licensed to practice psychology in another state, you can apply for a license by endorsement. To receive this, you must have at least 5 years experience practicing psychology within the previous 10 years.

You must also have passed the requirements for a New York license in another state—equivalent education, experience, and examination.

If you don’t have 5 years of experience within the preceding 10 years, then you aren’t eligible for licensure by endorsement. Instead, you must submit an initial application.

The New York State Education Department will then determine if your previous licensing requirements were comparable to the New York licensing requirements.

Psychologists licensed in another state can apply for a limited permit, if there are issues with their full application (see also ‘Maryland Psychologist License‘). This will allow them to practice while the full license is being processed. The limited permit is valid for 12 months.

Renewing Your License In New York

Licensure for practicing psychology is considered permanent in New York State, unless the license is suspended, revoked, or annulled. You can hold the license for the rest of your life.

However, a license must also be “registered”, and registration requires periodic renewal. A license is only registered for three years. After this, the license holder must re-register their license. This registration process requires applicants to complete continuing education (CE).

Every licensed psychologist in New York State is required to complete a minimum of 36 hours of continuing education in order to register their license.

This continuing education must be completed with an Education Department approved provider, and in an approved subject area. These hours can also be earned by teaching an approved course, or through self study.

License holders are required to take continuing education for every registration period, except for the first three-year period after receiving the license.

Frequently Asked Questions On New York Psychologist Licenses

How Long Does It Take To Become A Psychologist In New York?

The entire process of becoming a licensed psychologist in New York, including education and experience, can take upwards of 8 years.

Factoring in a bachelor’s degree (4 years), a master’s degree (2 years), a doctoral degree (2 to 4 years), plus supervised experience (1 to 2 additional years), it is a lengthy process.

However, once you’ve completed your educational, experience, and examination requirements, license approval can be quick.

Is There A Fee When Applying For A Psychologist License In New York?

Yes, there is a fee to apply for a psychologist’s license in New York. There’s also a fee when applying for a limited permit, and when renewing license registration. All applicants will also need to pay to sit the EPPP.

Does New York Offer License By Endorsement?

If you are licensed as a psychologist in another state, you can apply for a license by endorsement in New York State. To do so, you must have at least 5 years of experience practicing psychology, obtained within the last 10 years.

You must also have completed education, experience, and examinations comparable to the New York licensing requirements.

Final Thoughts

New York State requires a set amount of education, experience, and examination to receive a license to practice psychology in the state. Once you’ve received your license, it must be registered every three years, and supported by continuing education.

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