Meditation Helps GRE Scores in Only 2 Weeks-What Can It Do For Your Marketing?

There’s a lot of research about mindfulness meditation these days– much of it very compelling. Having obtained my Master’s in Counseling from Buddhist-inspired Naropa University, and having done an extensive 2 year mediation in the Shambhala tradition prior to my time at Naropa, mediation has long been of interest to me.

Like many, though, I’ve found it hard to practice meditation consistently without the encouragement of a community like Naropa. It’s hard to admit that the potential spiritual gains are not enough of a motivation to me these days as I’m so busy in my online business.

Meditation Helps GRE Scores in Only 2 Weeks—What is means for your marketing.

However, the potential productivity gains grabbed my attention via this study at UC Santa Barbara, where college students improved their GRE scores from 460 to 520 after only two weeks of mindfulness mediation, as compared to a control group who studied nutrition for those two weeks.

Now I’ve got to go dust off my cushion! If GRE score can improve, so can our ability to market well, huh?

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Meditation Helps GRE Scores

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