How Much Do Psychologists Make In Texas?

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Psychology is an incredibly interesting and intricate field to work in. Generally speaking, psychology jobs may pay rather well, but this figure does depend on many factors such as where in the US you choose to work.

So, let’s take a look at some of the average psychologist salaries in the US, what the salary expectations are in Texas, and what factors may affect this figure. Read on to find out more!

Average Psychologist Salary In US

Psychology is such a broad field, with many different disciplines, so salaries do tend to vary according to location, experience, and role.

That being said, let’s take a look at what the average psychologist salary (see also ‘How Much Do Psychologists Make In NYC‘) is in the US to use as context. 

The average salary for a psychologist in the United States is around $120,200 per year. But, you’re not here to talk about the whole of the US, you want to know about Texas.

How Much Do Psychologists Make In Texas?

The state of Texas has one of the fastest growing industries in terms of psychology in the country.

It is estimated that the number of psychology roles and jobs available within this location is only going to grow more, and may increase by up to 23%.

What this means is that if you’re looking for work in this state, then you can find competitive salaries with lots of benefits, and finding the right role for you shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you’re thinking of moving to Texas and practicing there, then there is a lot to consider.

You should know which locations pay the highest salaries, and what the average salary is for psychologists in Texas.

For instance, the average salary for a psychologist in Texas is around $120,069 per year. This data comes from 130 salaries reported in the area according to Indeed.

A recent study showed that in 2022, Clinical Psychologists in Texas make on average from around $96,484 at the lower end of the scale to $101,516 per year.

When you put it this way, psychologists in Texas make approximately $49 per hour, or $8460 per month.

What you should know is that the figures are set to change depending on your level of experience.

For example, if you’ve worked as a psychologist for only 1-2 years, then your expected salary could be around $83,200, whereas if you have more than 10 years experience, you may be paid closer to $177,500 per year.

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Locations With Highest Psychologist Salaries In Texas

Texas is a very large state, with over 29.1 million residents, and is the second most populated state in the US. It also has the largest economy of any state in America.

How much you get paid as a psychologist in Texas varies depending on location. For your reference, we have some of the highest paying locations in Texas for a psychologist.

For instance, in San Antonio, TX, you can expect to earn around $116,800 per year, whereas this is slightly increased in Fort Worth, TX with salaries of around $118,240 per year.

In areas such as Houston, TX, you can be paid around $122,686 per year, and even more in Austin, TX, where salaries may exceed $124,431 per year. Finally, in Dallas, psychologists may be paid upwards of $125,161 per year.  

Is Psychology A Good Career In Texas?

Texas has a great need for more psychologists, with estimates that the industry is only going to boom more in the coming years, so it’s never been a better time to start your career in psychology in the lone star state. 

What Field Of Psychology Makes The Most Money In Texas?

In most cases, Psychiatrist positions are the highest paid jobs for those in the field of psychology.

These jobs can reach salaries of up to $217,000! Next up is Clinical Psychologists and Outpatient Care Center Psychologists, who can earn around $120,000 to $133,000 per year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Following this, you’ll find Forensic Psychologists at around $120,000, while Military Psychologists and those who work in Educational settings will earn around $70,000-$90,000 per year. 

What Do You Need To Be A Psychologist In Texas?

The requirements in Texas ensure that all psychologists have a great range of knowledge and education in order to treat patients. This means having the correct degrees in order to practice. 

In order to become a psychologist in Texas, you  need to earn your PhD or a PsyD.

This means that you have to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree, which takes around 4 years, or sometimes more if studying part time. 

Then, you would have to earn a Master’s Degree, which is an additional 2 years, followed by the PHD or PsyD which is an additional 2-4 years. This means that it could take up to 10 years of studying to qualify as a psychologist.  

Even after you have attained your degree, you would need to undergo supervised professional experience requirements.

In the state of Texas, you have to complete at least 2 years of supervised experience. One of these years may be part of your doctoral program, whilst another year must be done after the doctoral degree is completed. 

Then, with this under your belt, you would need to seek licensure as a psychologist in Texas.

This involves undergoing an examination that is administered by the American Association of State Psychology Board. It consists of 225 multiple choice questions. 

In addition, you will need to take the Jurisprudence Examination by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists.

Once you’ve completed all of this, and paid any fees, you will be licensed as a psychologist in Texas (see also ‘Texas Psychologist License‘) (see also ‘Texas Psychologist License‘) (see also ‘Texas Psychologist License‘). 

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