Google Analytics for Therapists: You Can’t Afford to Ignore It

I was recently asked by private practice consultant, Tamara Suttle, to make a video for therapists on how to use Google Analytics to help with their marketing.

This video, along with an explanation, is now available at her site:

If you’re wondering if your efforts in certain areas are paying off, check this out.  There’s more to consider than traffic, mind you.  Is it good traffic?  Is it staying on your site?

And how do you know if visitors from certain sources (like your directory listings, for instance) are a good fit?  Are they opting in for your email list?  See how you can set up a goal in Google Analytics to track that kind of a thing!  This is neat stuff!

Google Analytics for therapists, counselors, psychotherapists and psychiatrists—it is something you can no longer afford to ignore.



Google Analytics for Therapists

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