“Get More Clients” Coaching Call – 9/5/12

AudioSymbolListen to the entire call, here.

Here are some highlights/timemarks so that you know what was discussed and can fast forward to what you’re most interested in:

Timemark Topic
3:15 Tara shares how she’s using her teenager to help her with social media (includes information on using Hootsuite)
4:15 What NOT to do with your content on Facebook
9:20 Building relationships in social media and helping your site rank
15:30 Lynne asks about how to get an accurate view of your rankings
20:00 The difference between a Map listing and ranking in organic search
21:55 Lynne asks: Why am I in Maps, but not in organic search?
28:20 Oops:  Two Google Places listings?  How to figure out which one to keep.
31:00 Tara talks about adding video to her site
34:00 Ways to leverage your intro video on Youtube and Google +
36:30 Using Pinterest to attract clients
40:00 How many different places should I market myself?  Is there a magic number of platforms?
43:20 Andy gives Lynne a GEM of a tip about her blogspot blog!



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