“Get More Clients” Coaching Call 8/22/2012

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Here are some highlights/timemarks so that you know what we discussed and can fast forward to what you’re most interested in.

2:10: What changes has Google made to their algorithm recently?

4:10: “I’ve had website for awhile but only getting 5-6 calls per month.  Confused about what to do.”

8:30: What you should know about the transition from Google Places to Google Plus

11:40 & 14:50: How to create a Google Plus account

12:30: Why you want to be logged OUT of Google when you search on your keywords

16:20: This therapist is re-designing her website — some problems we see.  Oops – Canonical URL Problem!

19:45 – “I don’t like to write!”

19:55 – Pros and cons of video blogging / how to use Youtube to draw potential clients to your site

23:00 How Google brings people to your therapy website

24:30 How niches/niche content helps Google bring people to you

28:00 Adding a blog to your site if you need one

30:20: “What do you guys do, anyway??? ” 🙂

31:45: “That is insanely exciting!”

42:00 Listen as we ask our client for feedback on our marketing!  (You should do this, too!)

47:00 What we suggest for the accounting part of your business…


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