Get More Therapy Clients Call 9/19/2012

AudioSymbolWho doesn’t want to get more therapy clients? Listen to the entire call, here.

Here are some highlights/timemarks so that you know what was discussed and can fast forward to what you’re most interested in:

Time Topic
1:00 Discussion about Google’s leaked document on rating websites and how you can used it to rate your own website in Google’s eyes
5:40 Why you should use Firefox to view your website
6:30 Why fresh content is important in Google’s eyes
11:00 This therapist asks:  Is Google going to change their rating system now that this document has been leaked?
13:55 Discussion about an over-optimized site and why you don’t usually need to worry about that
14:50 Discussion about 3 tracks on a therapist’s website & what to name them-focus on relationship counseling
18:25 Why niches that pool content help you attract good clients
21:15 Why to start your Google Places listing even before your website complete (and how to do it) – related blog post:  What’s Wrong With Your Google Places Listing?
25:00 Why not to worry about your overwhelm if you’re new to online marketing! (It gets better)
29:25 Reviews of two therapist’s websites – LIVE!
31:00 Need more text on the homepage
32:00 Making navigation more obvious
35:15 Picture of Homer Simpson on a therapist website?
36:50 What is meant by “above the fold” on websites
38:00 Install Google Analytics right away to establish a traffic baseline before you begin promoting your site
39:40 Making your contact information more readily visible
40:25 Do you have your email address on your site?  Why you might want to rethink that
43:00 Is creating your own website the best use of your time?
45:00 Add a free download to build a list to get more therapy clients
46:00 Using Skype calls for sessions and providing a paypal payment option
47:00 Make you blog content is easy to find
48:30 What to think about if you want to go National/International

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Get More Therapy Clients Becky

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