Free Tool to Track Your Therapy Website Rankings!

Many of you have been asking how to track your rankings in Google yourself.

I’ve known of a number of free tools that you can use but you have to enter one keyword at a time whenever you want to just track where you were at.

Also, you would only get the position in the search results for that one keyword at that one time, which makes it a little bit difficult to track things overtime.

Good news: I found this neat, free tool that you can use to track up to 10 keywords for your website which is more than enough for most therapists.

Our (Free) Favorite Website Ranking Tracking Tool

All you need to do is visit Serpfox, then click on “Pricing & Signup” to create your free account to track up to 10 keywords. Once your account is created, simply add the URL of your therapy website to the tool, then add up to 10 keywords that you want to track.

Next, select which search engine you’d like the tool the search. You might want to look at other search engines, like Bing, but we usually recommend focusing on Google.

You also have the option of choosing what country, state, or city you wanted to see search results for. If you’re in the United States, you won’t need to update the Country option. Also, if you want to focus on local search results, choose the state and city where your practice is based.

When you save all your selected options, Serpfox will search the search engine(s) you chose. The neat thing is that you can sort the results by highest to lowest ranking, lowest to highest ranking, and a number of other options.

Know Your Keyword Volume

You also have the option to search keywords by volume. I want to caution you: don’t worry if it says there’s no search volume for your term or that it’s really low.

For instance, we know we get quite a bit of traffic for the “adwords for therapists” keyword. People find us all the time and have us assemble adwords for them. Even though Google reports that there’s not a lot of search volume for that, we don’t worry about that because we know we’re getting traffic and business for that.

The summary is don’t worry about volume, but it can be interesting to see. The results might show you what you should really be going for.

If the volume for the keyword is 140, that’s a higher term than some of the other keywords. For instance, “counseling websites” gets searched more than “websites for counselors”, so we should focus on ranking for “counseling websites.”

Another nifty feature with Serpfox is that you can actually see what the rankings look like over time by just clicking the graph icon.

You’ll be able to see if your rank higher or lower for certain keywords over time. If your rank goes down for a keyword, you might want to write another blog post about that topic to bring it back up.

Are Your Efforts Bearing Fruit?

Overall, this tool will help you see how you’re doing. You can see if all your efforts with blogging, SEO, and social media involvement are paying off over time. Do know that it does take time. The idea is that over a number of months, you will be able to see your rankings increase.

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