Do You Have a Responsive Therapy Website? How to Tell.

We’ve all heard it said:

Make sure your website is mobile-ready!  Make sure your site is responsive!

Mobile-ready and responsive, for our purposes, are interchangeable terms.

Why Should You Care if Your Site is Mobile-Ready?

The truth is, more and more people are searching online via iphones, ipads, etc. Some quote figures as high as 70%.  If you want your site to be viewable by all those folks, you need it to be mobile-ready, or “responsive”.

How Can You Tell If Your Site is Responsive?

All you need to do is to bring up your website on your computer, and then resize your screen. Make your screen the size of an Ipad, first in horizontal position, and then in vertical.  How does your site view? (See video demo, below).

Next, minimize your screen to the size of an iPhone, first in horizontal and then in vertical position.  Was your site readable and navigable?  Do you have a responsive therapy website?

Video Demo of a Responsive Website versus a Non-Responsive One

If Your Site Is Not Responsive, What Should You Do?

The cost to make your site responsive will vary, depending on the platform your site is built in, and on it’s age, etc. Websites that are already outdated in terms of design elements may just be better off being re-built with responsiveness as part of the design.

If your site is a WordPress site or another CMS site (Drupal, Joomla, etc.) you may be able to change your theme to a responsive theme  for very little cost.

Feel free to reach out for an estimate from us to make your site responsive.  Avoid the phone calls where they promise you 3 pages of your site made mobile-friendly for $100.  What will you do with the other pages????

Good luck with making your site responsive!

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