Be Persistent With Google To Verify Your Google My Business

Sometimes dealing with Google is like trying to reverse the tide. It’s not possible.

This can feel particularly true when trying to verify a Google My Business (GMB) listing. Many therapists and private practices have struggled to get Google to accept their listing.

Why can it be so difficult? The reasons are innumerable and mysterious, and Google doesn’t give a clear answer as to why.

Below, we outline why, sometimes, getting a Google My Business listing verified can be so frustrating and what you can do about it to get your practice verified.

How You’re Supposed To Verify A Google My Business Account

Google chooses a GMB verification method for you, by default:

  • By phone.
  • By email.
  • By postcard.

The first two are almost never offered—anymore—in our experience.

It’s typically the pesky third method that you’ll have to deal with, waiting for the mail person to help you get your practice listed on Google My Business.

Once you create your account and add your address, and click “Verify Now,” Google automatically sends a postcard to the business address.

It typically takes between 5 and 14 days for the card to arrive.

When the postcard arrives, you enter the Code included on the card to prove that your business is at the address you’ve claimed.

When The Normal Way Doesn’t Work

What happens if no postcard arrives after 14 days? Well, at that point another verification code can be requested. But then another 14 days passes. No postcard. Now what?

Or what if you receive the postcard and Google refuses to accept the code?

Is there a phone number to call? Someone you can speak to? A hotline maybe? A chat room with a bot to guide you through the process?

No, no, no, and not really.

Google is as faceless as a mannequin, and worse at conversation.

The Support Team

There is a Contact Us form that you can fill out in the event that you’re struggling to verify your listing. Due to limited support, it may take quite a bit of time before you hear back from Google.

This is the passive approach, which may or may not work. We’ve had clients who heard back from Google almost immediately and some who have heard only the sound of silence.

We’ve had one client who couldn’t get their GMB verified, and when she finally got a hold of Google they told her to delete the account and start over again.

She did. And then was instantly verified. Why? We don’t know. We’re not sure Google knows either.

Video Verification Process

You can verify your business by video.

You’ll need to be at your business location for the video call so that the Google can verify you own the listing. Have any proof of business ownership as well.

And be prepared to give the Google support team a little tour of your office space—tidy up!

But make sure you note the availability of video verification support: 9 AM to 6 PM IST, 7 days a week, which is…

  • 10:30 pm EST to 7:30 am PST
  • 7:30 pm PST to 4:30 am PST

That’s right! IST is India Standard Time, so to verify your business you’ll need to forgo dessert or make sure to set your alarm for before dawn.

Be aware. We’ve had reports that sometimes calls can drop, or be interrupted, or require multiple schedules to get one that works.

Be Tenacious

A big issue with trying to work with an enormous tech company like Google is how difficult it can be to get a hold of a human being.

There is very little humanity bridging you and the algorithm, so to make yourself heard when you can’t verify your Google My Business, you’ll need to be persistent, stubborn, and tenacious.

Don’t give up! It may take some time to finally get a hold of Google, but eventually you will.

Some of our clients have gotten verified instantly, some have had to wait up to, unfortunately, two months.

But, they did eventually get verified. And the reason they got verified is that they never stopped pestering Google.

Is It Worth The Time And Effort?

While the process may be frustrating, it is absolutely worth getting your practice listed on Google My Business.

GMB is what most potential clients searching for practices on Google see first. Rank at the top of the GMB 3-pack and your practice is far more likely to be clicked.

Not only does GMB put your practice in front of potential clients in your area, it also elevates your website’s potential to rank for your desired keywords.

So, be persistent! Google will eventually hear you.

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