Attract Therapy Clients With Long Tail Search

Attract Therapy Clients With Long Tail Search - Counseling WiseThe subject line may be confusing; and no, I don’t mean hunting for your cat. I am talking about how to show up in Google, and attract therapy clients with long tail search.

It’s about attracting PERFECTLY FITTING clients for your practice if you use this effectively.

Put yourself in your potential client’s shoes:

Imagine, for example, that you were worrying about money, to the point of it really causing problems in your life. Now, if you wanted help, you could search on “Therapist <your city>”, and find 100 therapists.

Or, you could type in, “Therapy for anxiety” and find a fair number of therapists to sort through.

But, what if you typed in, “How to stop worrying about money” and found a therapist in your town that had written about that?

If that were the case, it almost wouldn’t matter what the website said or how professional it looked—you would probably give them a try, huh?



Here’s an example of that exact scenario.

Attract Therapy Clients With Long Tail Search - Counseling Wise

Here’s another example, just so that you realize this is REAL.

Let’s say that you are a parent and you are concerned that your teenager is depressed. Again, you can search for a therapist in your city, and be totally overwhelmed with what you find… OR… you can search on something more specific. How about, “Santa Rosa teen depression”?

The challenge is this:

It’s hard to predict what people will type in when they’re not finding what they want.

But the solution is easy:

Just add a lot of content. A LOT of content on a lot of different themes, the kind of topics you can address well in your therapy practice.

The second example shown below took VERY little time. (In fact, for this therapist, it took no time, because she subscribes to our service and gets three posts, just like this one, added to her site every week).

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