What Therapists Need to Know About Google Places

It seems there are new technologies springing up faster than mushrooms after a storm. Some of them you need, some you can ignore. But Google Places is essential for your therapy practice. In this post I will tell you what therapists need to know about Google Places.

A common complaint we hear from therapists is…

Google Places has my old office address and/or my old number. Even worse, even after I change it, they keep generating new listings with my old information in it, sometimes again and again.

Ok. Why is this REALLY a problem?

Potential clients, just like any of us, can start to get a little fuzzy, or worse, concerned if things aren’t consistent! When they are searching for something on Google, they want a clean and clear answer: “This is where the therapist is located,” “This is how I can reach them”. They want correct information with no conflicts!

First, if a potential client has to hunt online, make a few different phone calls, or try to guess whether it is your old office or your new one that is close to their workplace, chances are, they are going to pass you by for someone who doesn’t have conflicting information online.

Second, what’s worse is that not having unified, succinct information can create issues with duplicate listings (a big no-no when you are only supposed to have one for each business) and it hurts the strength of your listing.

A review here– a review there– will not pack the same listing punch as having all of your reviews in one listing.

Sounds rather unkempt. How do I know I have this problem?

  1. Go to Google
  2. Click on “Maps” at the top.
  3. Search on your business and city


Do you see multiple listings of your practice? If so, you need to clean it up!


therapists need to know about a Google Places listing


Therapists Need to Know About Google Places





















Let’s get rid of the interference!

Step 1: Make sure your website reflects your correct address and phone number. You’re going to have to put in a little elbow grease and scour every location on your website. NOTE: if your site has been optimized thoroughly, you should have Hcard code on your site. Make sure your info is changed in the Hcard too!

Step 2: Change your Google Places listing to have the correct address and phone number (do this via the Places access).

Step 3: You’re going to need a strong back for this next part, maybe that’s why it’s a little-known solution to keep you from chasing your own tail: Clean up ALL instances online, in a directory or elsewhere, that you have associated with the wrong address or phone.

Search “lastname” AND “old street” or “old phone number”.

Therapists Need to Know About Google Places

Take water breaks. Admire your progress.

What you can look forward to when this is cleaned up…

A sense of accomplishment.

Oh, and your single listing will stand tall on its own and Google will quit bothering you by making extra listings for you.

There. Don’t you feel better?!


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