Thinking of Adding Video to Your Therapy Website?

Are you thinking of adding video to your therapy website?

Adding video to your site is a great idea for several reasons.

  1. Your potential clients can get a better feel for you if they see you and hear you.
  2. Video tends to increase the time that visitors spend on your site. Once they start watching, it’s harder to scroll or click away. And increased average time on site helps your rankings in Google. Google figures your site must be relevant and interesting for folks to stay so long.
  3. If you put your videos on youtube or other video sharing sites and optimize them by writing good titles and descriptions, then you can even drive traffic to your site from the video site, and/or get your video ranked in the search engine results for specific terms.

Get clear about your goals for video before diving in

I’d suggest you get clear about what you’re trying to do with your video before you make it. There are several different types of videos that accomplish different goals:

  1. One type of video is a topic-related informational video. The job of this type of video is to provide value, to illustrate expertise and to connect. This can feature you, in person, but you don’t have to be there the whole time. If charts would help teach what you’re talking about, then use them. People often put these information videos on their blogs. This type, if posted to youtube (and other video platforms) and optimized with a good title, description, etc. can bring traffic to your site.
  2. Another type of video is a greeting video. The goal of this is to simply give a potential client a feel for you — what you look like, your voice, your intonation, body language, etc. This is usually on the home page only and is very short and has no text in the video. It will also not be a source of traffic to your site.
  3. A third type of video is a full marketing message video, sometimes called a video sales letter. This type of video is meant to replace (or be featured ahead of) a text marketing message on a home page (or sales page). This is a much bigger project and will be much longer.

Bottom line, if you can get clear on the goal of your video, you’ll then know what the content needs to be and what the format should be.

Bottom line: adding video to your therapy website is well worth the effort, so do it now.


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