Most Therapists Put Up a Website That Can't Be Found. Don't Do That!

Want A Website That Will Actually Bring You Clients?

How about getting it up in ONE Week? (We're not kidding!)

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Most Therapists Aren't Smart About Their First Website - And They Waste Years With Slow (or No) Practice Growth!

Therapists often come to us before they throw in the towel and give up on private practice. We’ve built a reputation for turning practices around! 

But — why not just start the right way at the beginning — than weather years of frustration and income loss?

Bypass All of The Confusion and the Frustration: Get a Professionally-Written Website in a Week

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A High Quality Website Shouldn't Be So Hard

We've already done all the work. We know..
- What therapy clients are looking for
- How to make sure they find you
- What makes them call you when the find you

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You Don't Need to Spend Months Writing Content!

- We start you with 4 professionally-written high demand specialties and 4 blog posts
- You can add additional pages later (or we can help).
- If you aren't climbing in the ranks fast enough, you can tweak some of the copy.

Start the right way and build on a solid foundation now. Don't waste years trying to fill your practice.

Here’s What You Get

A Kickoff Meeting

This ensures that you and your project manager are in sync around the site aesthetic, your template choice, your specialty page choices, and the entire plan on who is doing what and when.

A SEO-savvy Squarespace Website

Your site will not only be positioned for the keywords used by clients in their searches, but it will have the proper SEO built in, and the proper site structure to help you rank.

Your Chosen Template Customized for You

After you choose the template you like, we'll add your colors, fonts, and image choices.

State of the Art Conversions

We've constantly improved the performance of our sites as we've tested them with 1000's of clients. You're getting the latest improvements.

Client Calls Forever Course

Access to the course and community so you can stay up-to-date as things change in Private Practice marketing

4 Blogs Posts

You get one blog post for each of your chosen specialties, uploaded to your site and properly linked to the relevant specialty page. This is the beginning of your all-important content hubs.

Our Website Copy Blueprint

In case you want to write more pages, our blueprint helps you make them SEO-savvy and cover all the things clients need to feel drawn to you. This blueprint covers Specialty Pages, Modality Pages, and About Pages.

Additional Pages

Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Good Faith Estimate pages added to your site

Domain-Specific Email

We'll set up a professional email for you - - via Google Workspace (optional)

Google Analytics

We'll install Google Analytics for you so that you can monitor your results

Templates to Choose From
(You choose fonts, colors and images to make it your own!)





Your 3-Step Plan to Get Your Professionally-Written Website Up in a Week:

You'll Have a Beautiful, High-Quality Website in 1 Week!

What Therapists Say About Our Websites

Ready to Have Your Private Practice Website Up in a Week?

Frequently Asked Questions

For therapists' sites -- which need to be content-heavy to both rank and convert well -- Squarespace works just as well as WordPress. We have years of experience with both platforms and still develop in both.  But, right now, we actually have more Squarespace sites ranking on page 1 of Google than WordPress.

Great question! The biggest advantage you get in going with us is that we provide you with professionally-written pages right out of the gate. For some, this is all they need to build their practice. For others, they modify the copy over time.

With other solutions, you need to either spend weeks (or months!) writing your own copy -- and no offense, but unless you specialize in this, your copy most likely won't rank well -- OR -- you need to pay them an additional $3-4,000 to have them write the copy for you!

Oh, and, one last thing -- we've already checked out the quick sites being created by others. And guess what? For the URLs we found on our competitors' sales pages, none of them rank in Google. Ouch! 

Yes. Squarespace is a pretty easy platform to use and they have a lot of online videos and a great support desk to help site owners.  In addition to the support you can get from them going forward, we will also provide you a detailed video showing you how to continue to add blogs to your site, correctly, so that you can continue to improve your SEO.

Yes, we are always available! Some folks come back to add many more specialties to their site, and some come back just to update their address or to add a new directory to the footer. Regardless of what you need, we'll give you a quote for any extra work you want from us so you'll know the price upfront.

The Website in a Week offer is currently $2499. This is a higher quality site -- and less expensive -- than others in the space. Therefore, we will be increasing the price on this soon. We do not charge any monthly maintenance costs for the site. The only ongoing cost you will need to pay for your site is the subscription which you will pay to Squarespace (this is standard for all website platforms).

We have specific pricing for that work. Please look at our writing page to find pricing for all sorts of writing we can assist you with.

Yes, you own this site. We do not believe in "renting" sites to practice owners. You should own this important asset for your business.

Yes, no problem. If you have an EHR and/or scheduler, we recommend side-by-side buttons for Contact and Schedule. Some folks will not schedule, initially, especially if they have a question about fit, so we have found higher conversions approaching it this way.

Yes. Squarespace is a mobile-responsive platform and all sites we develop display well on mobile devices.

Yes. We can do this for you in the initial site build, and if you add new social media properties later, you can add them to your site.

Our strategy, which is explained fully in the Client Calls Forever course that comes with your site, is all about ranking specialty pages through 1) writing high authority, optimized specialty pages first, and 2) ongoing blogging and interlinking to these specialty pages.  Therefore, the main thing you'll want to do going forward is to continue to blog. And if you don't have time to blog regularly, we have blogging services to help.

For lower competition cities, this initial site can rank. We have several clients ranking well in their cities with no further work. If, however, you are in a higher competition area, you will need to rewrite your specialty pages, eventually, so that they stand out in highlighting your practice's uniqueness. Additionally, ongoing blogging (as referenced above) is always recommended to achieve stable rankings.

Yes. We give you a blueprint with your project so that you can continue to add more specialty and modality pages, yourself. And we are always available, also, to interview you and write new pages for you.

Yes. We have had many solo practitioners expand their solo sites to group sites. The sites are built modularly so that this is very easy.

Yes, we can! We’ve already done that for several group practices! It may take a bit more than a week, but we can make it happen quickly.

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