Do You Need A Professional Writer to Help With Your Website Content?

Do you need good content for your website, but you don’t feel qualified to write it or don’t feel like you have the time to make it happen? Are you worried that your voice isn’t going to be recognizable if someone else writes content for your specialty-pages-for-therapistswebsite? Do you realize that there are specific ways to write website copy that encourage people to call you, but you don’t know how to do it? At CounselingWise, we can help you with website content problems.  If you feel like you don’t have the marketing savvy-ness or time to write your own website content – don’t worry! We have a trained group of well-qualified writers with extensive experience writing for therapy websites. We can help write your specialty pages and/or free reports for you as well as provide strategic search engine optimization (SEO) to help potential clients find and stay on your counseling site. We understand that in order for you to stand out for a specialty in your field, your specialties must be presented well on your website. The key to effective website content is all about how it is written. We have developed a 7-Point Marketing Message approach to copywriting for psychologist websites, and we have written numerous informational reports and quizzes that our clients use to invite opt-ins to their email lists. To learn more about our proven approach to writing for counseling websites, watch the webinar replay below. Our strategic writing resources and services can help you connect with your potential clients on a much deeper level, increasing the likelihood that they will pick up the phone and give you a call.

Here is the Process:

The process when writing for psychologist websites involves the following:

  1. Phone interview with YOU. One of our trained writers will schedule a phone interview with you to ensure your message content and tone is unique to you.
  2. Keyword research. We’ll identify the best keywords to target for your specialty and area that will help your page show up higher in key search results.
  3. Writer develops your specialty page. Once you complete the interview, your writer will start writing your specialty page using our proven 7-Point Marketing Message approach and including the keywords we identified to optimize the page for ranking.
  4. You give feedback on your message. Once the writing is complete, you give feedback on your content. Two rounds of revisions are included in the page fee (additional rounds of edits are billed hourly).
  5. Final edits are made.
  6. We send you your completed specialty page so you can upload to your site, add images, and format the page. Each completed page includes backend SEO fields (focus keyword, SEO title, meta description).

[notification style=”warning” font_size=”12px”]PLEASE NOTE: For a small additional fee, if you have a Squarespace or WordPress site, we can find images for you (or use images you provide to us) and upload and format the page with optimized images and with your SEO fields. Please send your request to [email protected] with this request for your specialty page, and we will perform this work as soon as possible for $80/hour.  [/notification]

How much does this cost?

Our fee is $300 per marketing message (what we like to call a specialty page) when we are copywriting for therapy websites. A typical marketing message (including the interview) takes anywhere between 5 and 7 hours.

How long will this take?

After an interview is conducted, you can expect to see the first draft of your specialty page within about 7-10 business days. In some cases and depending on how quickly you are able to respond, specialty pages may take longer to complete. If you are in a hurry and need content fast, we will do our best to accommodate your desired timeline.

How do I get started?

If you are ready to add quality content to your website, content that turns potential clients into REAL clients, simply click the ‘Get Started’ button below. The fee to get started is $300, which covers the interview, the writing of the page, optimization of the content and up to two rounds of edits. Any additional time spent writing or editing your content will be billed at $55 per hour.

Do you provide resources or editing so I can write my own content?

You may wish to create your own content, but you aren’t sure where to start or how to write in a way that will reach and engage potential clients. Maybe you feel confident in your writing skills, but you would like guidance and support as you learn the nuances of copywriting for counseling websites. We offer a wide variety of therapy writing resources, including webinars and our one-of-a-kind Specialty Page Blueprint, to help you write and optimize your own specialty page content. You can develop content that follows our proven 7-Point Marketing Message approach, helping potential clients find and connect with your message. By using language your potential clients are searching for and can understand, you increase your site’s visibility and make your content more accessible. Individuals visiting the site can see that you understand what they are going through and that, with your help, relief, healing and growth are possible.

Due to the amount of writing we are handling, we are unavailable to edit client-written content. If you would like help developing a specialty page using content you have already written, you can purchase a flat rate specialty page and your writer can incorporate what you already have into a new, optimized marketing message.

To have one of our writers develop your Specialty Page/Marketing Message ($300 ea), sign up below:


To learn more and order a Specialty Page Blueprint to write your own content ($47), click here.

If you have questions about copywriting for therapy websites or any of our writing services, contact us today.

To find out more about building a quality therapy website, click here to find out what we do best. 

(Refund Policy: Once the services have been performed, no refunds will be provided.)

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