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Learn How We Can Help You Increase Your Client Calls With Google Business Profile.

Are you ready to be found by your potential clients?

Yes, you can optimize your Google Business Profile listing, and by doing so you’ll increase your practice’s local visibility, and the number of client calls you receive.

Clients often struggle to increase their local visibility because they neglect their Google Business Profile listing. Or, they set up their listing and assume a simple setup is enough. But that’s not enough if private practices want to stand out on Google. A Google Business profile needs to be complete and it needs a strong website supporting it.

As with everything there is a technique and strategy for creating a Google Business Profile listing that works for you and your practice. When done right your practice can be seen by potential clients seeking your help.
I can say with confidence that I saw a pretty big increase in contact inquiries for about the first 6 weeks after our [Google Business Profile] was optimized. And I can tell from the last quarter's worth of data according to the insights (and my own searching) that we're definitely blowing our competitors away in terms of the quality and completeness of our listing.
—Carrie Sears
How Does it Work?
Our Google Business Profile Diagnostic analyzes every aspect of your profile, and then we fix it:
One of our clients, who already had a strong website, received 5 client calls in a single month after we implemented our Google Business Profile optimization!

Results From Our Clients:

Learn What’s Working

Be seen on Google by the potential clients in your area searching for you.

Fix What’s Not Working

You’ll own a fully fleshed out Google Business Profile that works with your website.

Increase Your Client Calls

Stop worrying about how you’ll be seen so you can focus on helping your clients.

Optimize Your Google Business Profile Today:

If you want to be visible you need to optimize your Google Business Profile listing
For the past 12 months we’ve developed and implemented a strategy that’s helped dozens of private practices increase their local visibility through Google Business Profile. Not just any strategy either. We have tested and retested our strategy with clients who had strong websites to ensure that our client’s Google Business Profile profiles maximize their potential outreach. By working with private practices all over the country we’ve learned how to optimize every kind of profile, whether that practice is in a sprawling metropolitan city or a small town in the country. We know exactly what steps to take to ensure your Google Business Profile listing is seen, and works for you.

In order for us to optimize your Google Business Profile you need to have a verified Google Business Profile listing. 

If you don’t already have an account we will send you instructions on how to create a basic listing. But you will need to set up the listing yourself. We can’t do it for you, though we can guide you. That’s because Google is very strict about ownership when it comes to Google Business Profile listings. 

Many of the private practices we’ve worked with already had a Google My Business listing, but these listings were not optimized. While a few parts of the Google Business Profile were well-done, many other features were missing. And sometimes, we’ve even worked with practice’s who have added aspects to their Google Business Profile that hurt their practice! Even if you already have a Google Business Profile listing it may not be working for you as well as it should. Our team of experts understand how to refine a profile that aligns with your practice’s specialties and goal, whether that be for one location or many.

We have worked with dozens of therapists for the past year to perfect our Google Business Profile strategy. We’re not selling a shallow service that we’ve read about, or borrowed. Our strategy was tried and tested extensively, and we’ve helped our clients increase both their local visibility and the number of calls they’ve received, which is why we’ve waited so long to release our Google Business Profile offering publicly. We wanted to make sure that it works for you.

For $550 we fully implement a single Google Business Profile location for your practice. That includes everything we’ve discussed above, including service area optimization and your Google Business Profile website’s publication. We also create your first Google Business Profile post, to get you started, and share a PDF guide with you on how to create your own posts going forward. If your practice is in multiple locations we charge $275 for each additional location.

We highly recommend that private practice’s develop their website before optimizing their Google Business Profile. A Google Business Profile is only as strong as the website that it’s connected to: the stronger a website, the stronger the profile. We’ve seen the most success from clients who have implement optimal strategies for their website first. 

We do also offer our Smart Therapy Websites Program for those interested in creating, or refining, their private practice’s website.  

Stop Worrying About How You’ll Be Seen.

Optimize Your Google Business Profile Today

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