Technical Work For Therapists

Do you need changes made to your Wordpress, Squarespace or HTML website but can't figure out how to make the changes yourself? Are there improvements you would like made to your website structure, pages, or plugins, but can't seem to find the time to make them happen? Are you having issues with your current website, and need someone to figure out how to fix them?

At CounselingWise, we offer a la carte technical work for only $80 per hour to assist you in a wide range of website-related issues.

Technical work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Making changes to your Wordpress, Squarespace or HTML website
  • Installing and/or troubleshooting Google Analytics on your website
  • Troubleshooting hack problems
  • Providing solutions for increasing your website speed
  • Installing and integrating a free report/free offering
  • Creating new pages and navigation layouts
  • Troubleshooting website performance problems

**NOTE: We only do technical work on Wordpress, Squarespace and HTML websites.

Purchase ($80/hr) via PayPal



(Refund Policy: Once the services have been performed, no refunds will be provided.)

[notification style=”warning” font_size=”12px”]PLEASE NOTE: The product above is good for 1 hour of work (at $80 per hour). In purchasing the first hour, you agree to pay for the additional time spent.[/notification]

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