Instructions for Uploading Your Specialty Pages


  1. The title of the page should be designated as a Heading 1.
  2. The following subheaders should be Heading 2’s (H2). Heading 3’s (H3) can also be used. (This should already be set in the pages by the writer.)
  3. Ensure that you add in the focus keyword (FKW), meta title, and meta information into the corresponding SEO fields.
    • If you are using Squarespace, there is an ‘SEO’ option in the Page Settings where you can input the SEO title and SEO description. And you will need to input the focus keyword as the Page Title.
    • If you are using WordPress, we recommend that you install the Yoast SEO Plugin. Once you install and activate this plugin, there will be an option to input all SEO information for each page. It is a Yoast SEO section located at the bottom of the page when you are in the ‘Edit Page’ mode.
  4. We recommend that you embed 2-3 images throughout the page to help break up the blocks of text. It is highly suggested that you optimize and compress images to ensure that they do not slow your site down, as well as adding in ALT text for each image.
  5. We recommend formatting specialty pages in a manner that improves user experience and user readability as much as possible, as well as maintaining consistency with your brand and the style of the entire website. Some examples of strong specialty pages are:


Following the upload of the page, a key part to your site’s success is making sure that your pages are indexed with Google. If your pages are not indexed, Google will NOT show them to potential visitors in the search results, and your site cannot rank for your keywords.

  • You can manually request indexing of your pages through Google Search Console, by typing in the page URL in the top bar and then clicking the “request indexing” button if the page is shown as not being on Google.
    • Please note, this will not work every time, so we recommend repeating this process every few days until your page indexes.

Let us know if you have any questions about this information.

—The CW Writing Department

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