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  • Thank you for purchasing CounselingWise's Google My Business Optimization services. To get started, please complete this form as thoroughly as possible. We appreciate your time and input.

  • General Information

  • *NOTE: If you need to save your input at any time and continue later, please use the link at the bottom of this page.

  • Your GMB Optimization Input

  • This address which will be used to verify your GMB listing. It cannot be a rented address (P.O. Box, UPS store, iPostal) or a known virtual office address (WeWork or Regis, co-working spaces, etc).

  • In order to complete your GMB optimization we recommend having at least 10 images including your logo, team members, and interior and exterior office photos. Please have these ready to send to your project manager.

    Please confirm that you understand and will be able to provide images upon request.

  • For example, if you offer Anxiety Treatment on a range, please provide us with that range (such as $150.00 - $225.00, etc). It can be as large a range as it needs to be since it's only used for posting Products and completing the GMB profile as much as possible.
    If you'd rather not have fees displayed on your GMB listing, then please leave this question blank.

  • Attributes You Would Like to Appear on Your "Google My Business" Listing  *
    Below, you'll find a list of attributes that Google allows you to display. Please check the boxes for all attributes that apply to your practice, and we will add them to your GMB listing.

  • If you need assistance with sharing, you can find more information on how to do that here:

    Then, please check the box below to confirm that you have granted us access.

  • Thank you for providing your input!

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