Workshop/Training/Group Page Questionnaire (Type 1)

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Please answer the questions in this form in your own words as much as possible—instead of simply copy/pasting information from elsewhere—because we want to know what you find important to be included in the content so we can create a unique page for each topic/specialty. Clear and specific answers are best -- not necessarily long ones.

  1. Please do not just provide links to sites. It's not our writers' responsibility to pick out information for you to use in the content. We need your expert input and direction.
  2. The person who will do the interview with the writer (after one has been assigned) should also be the person filling out this questionnaire.


The following questions will help with introducing your service.

Workshop/Training Details

The questions in this section will help to explain more details about this specific workshop/training topic.

(You can be as specific and technical as you feel is necessary. For example, do you use specific training methods, visual aids, workbooks, locations/settings, etc?)
(For example, what new skills will they learn that they can use in practice? Will they become certified in a specific approach? Etc.)

Your History with Conducting this Workshop/Training

In this section, you can go into details about your personal history with conducting this workshop/training. It allows you to show off your expertise.

Extra Information


-- The CounselingWise Writing Team
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